Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 255

Chapter 255 Do Not Mind This Lord
Chapter 255 Do not mind this Lord

But.. Huang Yueli vacantly muttered: Second sister, I know that you lost face this morning and still feel very angry. But that isnt really related to me right? Did you hear me say a single bad word about you? No right? Everything said was through Doctor Lius own mouth. Everyone here can bear witness for me?

Bai Ruoqi refuted in rage: Shut up! Lets see who dares testify for you? Come out!

Everyone lowered their heads, not daring to make a peep.

The previous Bai Ruoli didnt have any friends, so naturally no one would step out sacrifice them self for her. As for these golden spooned young ladies, even if they couldnt bear it, who would willingly put themselves in harms way for someone they didnt even consider a friend? The person they will be offending will be the Crown Princes Imperial Concubine.

This caused Bai Ruoqi to look at Huang Yueli in triumph.

Do you see, no one can testify for you! This proves that you are lying! Clearly it was you who deliberately slandered me and drugged your own cousin in the Royal Palace! Our Bai could we produce such a heartless and dog hearted thing?

Huang Yuelis slender fingers turned around to point at her own nose. Eyes wide open, her luscious eyelashes fluttered, much like a newborn forest fawn.

Second sister, you are talking about me?


From the seats of the Princes, a sound came through and shattered the silence.

Everyone turned their heads to see the immortal-like King Yu take out a silk handkerchief to slowly wipe his mouth. His expression indifferent.

Why are you all looking at this King? It was merely an accidental choke.

Fiercely, Bai Ruoqi glanced at Li Moying without the slightest bit of respect.

Although she did not know the reason for Prince Yus intervention, but he was but a trash Prince. In front of Bai Ruoqis current strength, even if he were a Prince, he still must show some courtesy to her. Let alone, Prince Yu who could not cultivate!

If Prince Yu planned to be the hero saving beauty, Bai Ruoqi will not give him any face!

But Li Moying did not reveal any expressions, and casually waved his hand.

En, do not mind this King. You, continue, continue.

Only the gods knew if he truly intended to break the fight between the two. Huang Yuelis expression when she was playing with others was just too amusing to watch. So he momentarily lost control of himself and let out a small laugh. As a result, he could only hurriedly pretend to wipe his mouth.

Speaking of which, His Highness Prince was quite melancholic.

If this was seen through by that little fox, that he still cared very much about her words; oh how embarrassing that will be.oh dear

At least he was sensible!

Bai Ruoqi coldly snorted and turned her head back around to continued to speak to Huang Yueli: Dont act stupid with me. I am speaking about you!

Huang Yueli on the other hand, was still looking at Li Moying. But Li Moying had shifted to the side, a clear sign that he did not wish to look at her.

As feelings of sadness were bubbling, this caused her to miss Bai Ruoqis words.

Looking at her, Bai Ruoqi was furious at her gall to be lost in thought.

Bai Ruoli! Did you hear me? ?

This looked like a shouting lioness, with a loud enough volume. Huang Yueli could no longer pretend to not hear her.

Scratching her ear, she looked at her innocently: I am listening, listening. Second sister, please lower your volume, for you are South Yues number one virtuous lady. Shouting so loudly, would be quite embarrassing

Dont act naive! Bai Ruoli, let me tell you, todays events will not pass this easily!

Then.what do you wish to do to me?