Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 256

Chapter 256 Give You Two Paths
Chapter 256 Give you two paths

Huang Yueli asked this question purely out of curiosity. Unfortunately Bao Ruoqi misunderstood this as fear.

She looked at Huang Yueli chillingly and said: Very simple, I will give you two paths.

Which two?

The first road will be you kowtowing to me three times and sincerely apologising. The kowtows must be loud enough so I can clearly hear them! Otherwise, you will kowtow until I am satisfied.

Huang Yueli could not help but chuckle inside.

Bai Ruoqi really had a dark heart. If the sound was not loud enough, then she would deliberately make things difficult. If she could not hear anything, she must continue until there were sounds. By then her head would have probably be bleeding from all that smashing. There were even reports of people smashing their head unconscious!

Moreover, physical injury will be a trivial matter. To be tormented by someone like so, they would had lost their face all the way back home!

She asked again: Then.the second path?

A touch of sneer formed on Bai Ruoqis face.

The second path..since you are unwilling to apologise, for common people to denounce skilled cultivators is a great sin! Even if they were killed by the practitioner, it will still be reasonable! Of course, you are my cousin. It will be impossible for me to kill you, I will just draw on your face so you can no longer seduce men. And then things will be settled!


Huang Yueli revealed an astonished expression, Wait, so second sister means to say is, I need to ruin my face? Do you need to so ruthless? I am your cousin!

Whats the matter? You are a waste who dared to slander me. This can already be considered lenient! Practitioners naturally hold higher statuses than normal people, as they are holders of life and death. This is the same in any country!

Butbut second sister, you are a soft and tender girl from a wealthy family. Not only this, you are known to be a model example of a lady. By acting so viciously, are you not afraid of others calling you a female snake scorpion?

Hearing these words, Bai Ruoqi nearly went crazy.

Everyone already thinks I am a female snake scorpion! Even the Empress Dowager thinks so! Who caused this? Bai Ruoli, let me tell you, I do not care anymore! You today you will either kowtow or ruin your face!

Huang Yueli patted her chest with a scared expression. Weakly she asked: Then.if I do not choose either?

Bai Ruoqi sneered.

That can not do! Give you three breaths to decide! If you do not, I will choose for you!




Bai Ruoqi quickly counted down, giving no pause or rest.

After a few moments, she immediately muttered a stupid and took out a dagger. Smiling, she walked towards Huang Yueli.

It seems you want me to help you choose. Then I will choose to disfigure you! Oh, do not run, for running is useless!

I did not run!

Huang Yueli blinked her eyes, looking like a obedient child but in her heart she was sneering.

Bai Ruoqi ah Bai Ruoqi, a real representation of walking the path to ones own doom!

Since she liked to receive the despise of others so much, then she will let her know what is disfigurement. Otherwise, wouldnt she be giving up on their closely sisterly bond?

Step by step Bai Ruoqi inched forward and closed the distance between the two.

Many golden spooned young ladies did not have the heart to watch, so they closed their eyes.

In their point of view, it would be fundamentally impossible for Huang Yueli to resist to. Once she fell into the hands of Bai Ruoqi, will certainly be miserable! No one could save her.

Liu Yiyi cried out from the edge: Bai Ruoqi, dont be impulse ah!