Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 257

Chapter 257 What Are You Doing?
Chapter 257 What are you doing?

Unfortunately, Bai Ruoqi did not even place that person in her eyes, not sparing a single glance.

Huang Yueli smirked. Gathering her profound energy in the palm of her hand, she prepared to give Bai Ruoqi an unforgettable lesson.

Before she could sent this strike out, an imposing and dignified voice echoed from the entrance.

What are you doing?

Your Majesty!

Respects to His Majesty!

Frightened, a sheen of cold sweat appeared on Bai Ruoqi. Hurriedly, she hid the the knife into her bosom and adjusted her malevolent expression, as well as her body posture.

This was also quite unexpected for Huang Yueli.

Just as Bai Ruoqis knife was about to fall and land into her intricate plan, she had to retract her profound strength. Copying the moves of others, she quickly paid her respects.

With an expression of displeasure, the Emperor addressed Bai Ruoqi: Bai Ruoqi, Bai Ruoli, what were you two doing?

Heart jumping, Bai Ruoqi continued to maintain that expression of tranquilness as she replied: Res.responding to the Emperor, we were not doing anything. I was only exchanging a few words with third sister!

Exchanging? What were you exchanging about?

Wrinkling his brow, the Emperor sent out his imposing aura and appeared more awe-inspiring.

On this return trip with the Empress Dowager, they could already hear the commotion from afar. They specially asked the eunuch to not announce their arrival and walk over to catch them off guard. What they saw was the two Bai Family young ladies about to break out into a fight.

Did not think that from such a short time of absence, these two were able to start quarrelling.

It could be seen that the Empress Dowagers previous words were not exaggerated in the least!

The displeasure could be seen in the Emperors eyes and severe was his tone.

Heart beating rapidly, Bai Ruoqi hastily kneeled down: Calm your anger, Your Majesty. We were really exchanging a few words and failed to take note of the occasion and spoke in slightly loud voices. Offending the Emperor as well as the several Empresses, this is all Qiers fault.

Hearing that were words were not sincere, the Emperor turned to question Huang Yue Li.

Lier, how would you explain what is happening?

Turning her head, Bai Ruoqi used a hidden and dark gaze to hint at Huang Yueli to threaten her.

On the contrary, Huang Yueli did not bother with her and replied: Your Majesty, we were just talking aboutthe events that occurred in the Peach Blossom Orchid earlier this morning..second sister, she drugged my wine but ended up harming herself. Yet she says that I was slandering her

Bai Ruoqi immediately interrupted her, Enough! Bai Ruoli! That was you who wished to tarnish me. I already gave you face by not reporting it to the Emperor, yet you dare so venomously spit blood?

Bai Ruoli glared at Huang Yueli frostily. She held absolute faith that she would not be held accountable!

Afterall, for a genius like her, to bully her younger sister is not a grave or offensive thing. That could not be considered much at all!

So, todays events in the face of her revealed talent, they would not be enough to pose any threat!

What Bai Ruoqi was afraid of, was her current actions may possibly not be giving the Emperor due respect. If she was captured, she would be in the wrong.

But under the current circumstances, the Emperor did not see her take out any knife. He assumed that she was only quarrelling with Huang Yueli. With such assumptions, she did not have to worry at all!

As expected, before the Emperor could say anything, the Imperial Empress was a step ahead and spoke out.

Enough, todays affairs, this Royal already understands! This matter, was provoked by that charlatan Doctor Liu. just then, the Emperor at personally commanded that Doctor Liu will be sent to Dark Moon Forest for manual labor!