Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 258

Chapter 258 Cannot Have Both Moral Character And Strength
Chapter 258 Cannot have both moral character and strength

As she said this, the Imperial Empresss line of sight passed over Bai Ruoqi and Huang Yueli.

As for you two, you are still cousins and both are young misses of Wuwei Manor. To quarrel so openly in the Royal Palace and from just a few words of an outsider! Too unsightly! In the future, with this matter over, do not dare to mention it ever again! Return and carefully reflect on yourselves. Each one of you copy theFemale Virtuesfive times. Once you are done, hand it to this Royal!

Finishing her words, the Imperial Empress appeared to be quite just. In actuality, she was still protecting Bai Ruoqi.

If they were to really conduct an in-depth investigation, then it would be Bai Ruoqis fault.

At the time of the twos location, everyone in the area witnessed all that occurred. They will all say that it was Bai Ruoqi who started everything.

Of course, as a person who could not cultivate, no matter what, Huang Yueli would not have the guts to provoke a Qi Profound Realm seventh level practitioner; Bai Ruoqi?

Therefore, the Imperial Empress intended to stumble by this matter completely, giving both parties a crime that could not considered a crime.Then give some punitive punishment to settle the case.

She would absolutely not allow such matters to interfere with the Crown Princes great affairs!

The Emperor was somewhat angry but also want to punish Bai Ruoqi severely, at least lecture her to some degree. This would warn her not to bully Huang Yueli in the future.

However, after listening to the words of the Imperial Empress, he remembered the conclusion the came to back in the Empress Dowagers Study.

Hah, it is the important day to decide the future concubines of the Crown Prince and Bai Ruoqis talent, absolutely could not be lost! As for the other matters, they can sorted in the future.

Moreover, the of the twos argument, caused the Emperor to further trust the conclusion the Imperial Tutor and Imperial Empress came to.

Huang Yueli is a wastrel and could not marry the Crown Prince; she really did not have the ability to suppress the members of the harem. To find her a rich but ordinary husband, will make her life very comfortable.

Thinking to her here, the Emperors eyes fell on Prince Yu thoughtfully.

The Emperor nodded and said: Bai Ruoqi, you are the elder sister. In any case, you should always give way for you youngers sister. Moreover, you may even have to be sister-in-laws, needing to coexist in harmony.

With his remark, a burst of excitement appeared on Bai Ruoqi and the Crown Princes faces.

What sister-in-laws do they mean? Its unlikely that they will allow Bai Ruoqi to marry an ordinary Prince right?

Obviously, the Emperor was implying that Bai Ruoqi had been chosen as the Imperial Concubine, while Huang Yuelimost likely is going to wed another prince!

Bai Ruoqi hurriedly went to her knees and said: Yes, Qier knows she is wrong and will remember this. I will listen to the instructions of the Imperial Empress and go back to give her a good reflection. Diligently reflect on myself. Third sisters five copies of Female VirtuesI will complete in her instead!

If one had not seen her previous actions, just based on her current performance, she really looked like a good elder sister.

However, the Emperor had just learned from the Empress Dowager, Bai Ruoqis true colors. So looking at her this performance, he could not help but sigh a little more.

What a pity, one cannot have both moral character and strength. If Bai Liufengs own daughter could have that cultivation instead, how good would that be

Alas, he could only wishfully dream.

Huang Yueli looked at the Emperor and Imperial Empress faces, her heart clearer than ever.

It seems these Palace giants had come to a conclusion; they had decided to make Bai Ruoqi the Crown Princes Imperial Concubine!

However, this was simply to be expected. Huang Yueli also felt that the Emperor had nothing to be apologetic about.

In the face of Bai Ruoqis excellent display of talent, if the Emperor did not choose her, he would have been the retarded one!