Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 260

Chapter 260 Pick Any One You Please
Chapter 260 Pick any one you please!


When Bai Ruoqi heard those words, her face changed greatly from Huang Yuelis sharp intentions.

These days, there were many people who gossiped in regards to the bullying of her cousin. And that she also stole of the position of Wuwei Manors Bai Familys young miss and snatched her brother-in-law!

Although Bai Ruoqi fel she deserved all these things, but the ugly words of outsiders had greatly upset her.

Now this trash girl dared to step on her sore feet. Was she tired of living?

She sneered: Bai Ruoli, please understand this! That was the Emperors verbal agreement, while I am appointed as the Imperial Concubine through an official Imperial Edict! The so-called marriage agreement between you and the Crown Prince, is but casual and random side talk. It cannot be taken seriously! As a girl, speaking of marriage so easily, robbing cherished things, do you still have face?

Second sister, the meaning behind a thief calling out a thief, I have realised today! I have tolerated you previously, but you are pushing harder and harder. Since this is the case, do not blame me for my ruthlessness! Huang Yueli turned her cold eyes away.

Bai Ruoqi almost laugh out loudly.

You want to treat me ruthlessly? How will you do that?

Huang Yueli looked at her with an arrogant smile, eyes more chilling than ever.

She no longer paid attention to Bai Ruoqi and turned to face the Emperor. Bowing slightly, she gesture filled with politeness. Looking up, she unscrupulously opened her mouth.

Your Majesty, there is one thing Lier does not quite understand. I heard, before my father left South Yue, he had left behind a marriage agreement and that was with His Royal Highness the Crown Prince! My daddy left me a letter to explain this matter writing that when I turn fifteen, the Emperor would give me bestow me with marriage and fulfill the marriage engagement of that year!

Pausing slightly, Huang Yuelis teeth gently bit her pink lips. Her red eyes filled with unlimited grievances.

I thought that the reason Your Majesty invited me to the Royal Palace today is for this marriage affair. How would I expectwould I expectWhy did you bestow that upon my second sister, and announce her as the Imperial Concubine? Did you make mistake somewhere?

Huang Yueli spoke with great control and levelnessl.

First she mentioned Bai Liufeng, evoking old sentiments from within the Emperor and then put on an aggrieved retreating stance to ask if there was a mistake.

This is much better than direct questioning.

At least, the Emperor himself would feel a little hard- pressed to answer in time.

This thing..was quite correct, he also felt very apologetic..

ThisZhen has Zhens considerations

Could it be, I had done something wrong?

No, this is not your problem. Li girl, you do not be sad. Although you can not be the Imperial Concubine, but Zhen still many other talented sons. You can pick any one you please! Zhens next Imperial Edict will bestow you as Princess Changle, three thousand cattle and the best piece of land to the east to you! Giving you the best scenery! The Emperor appeased her.

After listening to this, apart from the Crown Prince and Prince Yu, everyone displayed expressions like they had just eaten flies.

Royal Father will not really do so, in the place of the Crown Prince and make them marry a cultivational trash?

Whoever marries this blockage of a woman, wouldnt they be doomed and unable to crawl away from that tragic life?

Although she had a generous dowry, looks very cute, could this woman be their Main Concubine?

Among them, the Third Prince felt the most crisis.

As the next best talented Prince behind the Crown Prince, he felt that Huang Yueli will surely choose him. After all, not only is he elegant, he was also a handsome expert!