Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 262

Chapter 262 Merely The Fourth Realm
Chapter 262 Merely the fourth realm!

When she saw the embarrassed flush on the Emperors face, the Imperial Empress knew she that she had to take on the role of the antagonist.

She immediately said: Li girl, you seem to have misunderstood something. Or..perhaps Bai Liufeng recalled incorrectly! The agreement between the Bai Liufeng and the Emperor is true in its rights, but it did not explicitly state your name, Bai Ruoli with the Crown Prince!

Is that so?

Thats right! The Imperial Tutor chimed in.

At that time of Lord Bais and the Emperors verbal marriage engagement, this old man was also present. They said that the Emperors most talent martial son will be paired with Wuwei Manors most outstanding daughter. No one said Bai Ruoli!

Huang Yue snorted and coldly ridiculed: Is that so? Anyway, my daddy is gone. The affairs of that time, whatever you claim to be true will be true, no? Besides, I was not born then, so I didnt even have a name. Of course it will be impossible for any names to appear!


Stifled by her response, the Imperial Tutor did not know how to refute her because Huang Yuelis words were completely justified!

In the end, he simply said: As a stately Imperial Tutor of the fourth realm, would I, this old one deceive a little girl like you?

These words sounded almost like something a hoodlum would say!

Huang Yue sarcastically replied: Imperial Tutor, if you wish to help your newly appointed female disciple, it is better to just say it straightforwardly. Why bother with theatrics? Save yourself from despise, and curses of disrespect!

An astonished look covered the Imperial Tutors face.

Youyou dare to talk to this senior like so? Who gave you such courage?

Honestly, it had been quite some time since the Imperial Tutor was last spoken to in such a way with a finger pointed at his nose!

Even the Emperor himself spoke to him with courtesy!

Now, a cultivational wastrel even dare to say so rudely that he was a disrespectful senior. The Imperial Tutor even had a flashing thought that he might have been hallucinating!

This damned dare she?

Even though Huang Yueli saw the outrage in his eyes, she continued to smile widely.

Didnt she only scold the old man with a few words? What was there to be afraid of? She burned this old mans beard and also sent a flying dagger to his forehead. Was she not still alive without injury?

In fact, she could have continued to act pitifully and con Bai Ruoqi from the shadows.

However, with the various situations happening one after the other, she had lost patience!

Huang Yueli no longer wished to continue in this crazy and idiotic charade. It was no longer necessary!

Didnt they say because of Bai Ruoqis crushing strength, she could walk sideways, bully cousin and inverting black to white without any price?

Unfortunately, in front of her Huang Yueli, Bai Ruoqis so-called strength, can only be deemed a joke!

She would like to personally teach Bai Ruoqi an unforgettable lesson.

And let these people see, who was the true trash!

Determined with her next course of actions, Huang Yueli did not hold any more hesitations!

She sneered and said: Why cant I speak to you? Merely a fourth realm. If you spoke with reason, then I will treat you with respect necessary for a senior. But since you told such lies with your eyes open, I refuse to listen any further!

Everyone drew a cold breath!

Unimaginable, Bai Ruoli had always been timid and cowardly. Yet she was currently saying such things!

Merely a fourth realm!

Did she know exactly how rare and powerful fourth realm experts were?