Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 264

Chapter 264 The Funniest Words
Chapter 264 The funniest words

There! Is! Still! Me!

Once that remark came out, the banquet hall fell silent for a long period of time.

With eyes wide open, they subconsciously cleared their ears. They seriously suspected they had all misheard!

The publicly known super-trash, actually wanted to go against a heavenly gifted fourth grade talent?

This was inconceivable. Simply too impossible! Either everyone made a mistake, or a donkey had kicked Bai Ruoli in the head!

Even Bai Ruoqi was left shocked. And after a moments silence, she burst out laughing. Third sister, cant be? I must have heard wrong, I actually heard you say that you wish to challenge me!

You did not hear wrong. Huang Yueli faintly said: I want to challenge you, right here and right now!

Unable to come to an understanding, Bai Ruoqi stared at her with exaggerated eyes. Taking several looks from head to bottom, an overjoyed smile curved up from her mouth.

I say, third sister, arent you a bit too riled up? Are you going to challenge me? Are you joking?

Huang Yueli smiled back, Im not kidding ah second sister. Could it dont dare?

Everyones jaws nearly dropped to the ground.

Third Young Miss Bai had the courage to ask if she dared to or not? She is looking for death! Never had they seen someone looking for death!

Could it be she was afraid she couldnt die fast enough, so wished to throw herself onto daggers?

Bai Ruoqi felt this was even more unexpected, but then she smirked.

Third sister, you really want to challenge me? You have to think clearly ah! You can not cultivate, but you wish to challenge me with a cultivation at the ninth level of the qi profound realm?

Yes, my mind is very clear. Looking at the funny and exaggerated expression, Huang Yuelis voice remained calm as always.

If Bai Ruoyi is really certain, then there was certainly a problem with her third sisters brain!

This waste really wanted to challenge her?

This almost seemed like a very funny joke!

A waste was a waste. She should tuck her tail and behave with integrity, obediently and marry that waste of a Prince. But she dared hold the dream of marrying the Crown Prince? Daring to challenge her, a martial genius?

This was too unbelievable!

Just as Bai Ruoqi was hesitating whether to say no to such a fine opportunity to beat this waste and to retaliate back for the embarrassing herself in the front of the Empress Dowager earlier in the morning! This dead girl actually sent herself knocking!

She can no longer blame her then!

Even if an arm or leg breaks, Huang Yueli asked for it!

Bai Ruoqis mouth showed a trace of a sinister smile: Third sister, do not act this way. I know you impulsive, so you must think clearly or you will regret it! Although, to the retract the challenges is a very disgraceful action, but you are a wastrel. This must be treated differently, and no need to feel burdened!

On the surface, she persuaded Huang Yueli to retract her challenge, she was goading her on from the shadows.

For people with even if a little bit of pride, after listening such words, they would be too embarrassed to shrink back!

Huang Yue shook his head, smiled: Second sister, you do not need to persuade me. I will not retract the challenge, but on the contrary, have to think clearly. Otherwise you might be thick-skinned and refuse to admit anything after your loss!

I will lose to you? Refuse to admit?

Bai Ruoqi laughed so much that her eyes teared. She then said: Ok, you make a lot of sense. How about we ask His Majesty to bear witness for us?