Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 266

Chapter 266 Cultivation.qi Profound Realm Ninth Level 2
Chapter 266 Cultivation..qi profound realm ninth level! (2)

Finishing her words flatly, Huang Yueli looked at Bai Ruoqi with a composed expression.

Bai Ruoqi was completely stunned.

The entire banquet hall had also fallen silent, as everyone fell into shock.

Not long afterwards, waves of laughter spread through the area.

Has this Third Young Miss Bai gone mad? Or is she just delusional?

I reckon she has gone mad. Such a pity, she actually looks quite decent. And to become crazy just like that?

Bai Ruoqi nearly spit out.

I third sister, if your going to lie, please least make a draft! Seeing that I am at the qi profound realm ninth level, you decided to say you are too? Let me tell you, its not that simple. You must have the corresponding power! Otherwise, without knowing the immensity of the heavens and earth, you will only turn yourself into a joke!

Huang Yueli raised her eyebrow: How do you know.I did not have the corresponding power?

Bai Ruoqi sneered: How would I not know? Not only do I know, everyone here also knows that my Third Young Miss Bai is a cultivational wastrel! Not even mentioning the qi profound realm ninth level, if you are able to reach the first level, the sun will be rising from the west!

Lifting her head to look up into the sky, Huang Yueli smiled.

A pity, it seems that the sun did not rise from the west today!

Rubbish! Bia Ruoqi continued to sneer and smirk: The naturally would not rise from the west. So fo you have a cultivation at the qiprofound.realm

Stopping her words midway, she suddenly opened her eyes wide like she had seen a ghost. Rigidly, she stared at the young girl in front of her.

It was like she could not recognise the person in front of her.

Stepping half a step forwards, Huang Yueli revolved the profound qi inside her and released it out!

The profound qi quickly dispersed around her, covering the banquet hall with a fine pressure!

Everyone once again revealed expressions of shock. While some more delicate young ladies could not resist against this pressure and went to clutch their stomachs in pain.

While the people whose cultivations were above Huang Yueli, for example the Imperial Tutor, the Emperor and people like the Crown Prince, were even further shocked. They repeatedly shook their heads and looked at her, revealing the same stunned expression.

Only then could they verify, they were not dreaming!

Bai Ruoli has already reached..the qi profound realm ninth level? ? The Crown Princes jaw narrowly avoided dropping to the floor.

You did not sense wrongly. She has truly the qi profound realm ninth level! With great effort, the Emperor blinked his eyes and voiced his confirmation. But his voice betrayed his true feelings.

After some time, the Imperial Tutor said to Huang Yueli: Not only is she at the qi profound realm ninth level, her profound qi is extremely pure. Dantain expansive, profound power unmuddled. Many times more powerful than ordinary qi profound realm ninth level practitioners!

The Imperial Empress grasped the handkerchief within her hands and asked: could this be? Third Young Miss Bai is a cultivational wastrel. She has undergone many talent tests, all indicating she is unable to cultivate? Since when she able to cultivate? Why has she suddenly reached the qi profound realm ninth level? ?

How could this be?

Just how did she achieve this?

This question, hung the minds of everyone single person.

But, no one could answer this or find the true reason behind all of this.

Even Li Moying had been left puzzled, as to how this little fox jumped from a waste to cultivational genius.

Nonetheless, when compared to astonished moods of the rest of the audience, he was quite happy. As a result, he did not feel any abnormalities with this revelation.