Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 268

Chapter 268 Bai Ruoqi Vs Huang Yueli 1
Chapter 268 Bai Ruoqi vs Huang Yueli (1)

The Tianling Continent always respected the strong, so a person always needed to show their strength in order to gain the respect of their peers. But they must also hide their trump cards!

Peoples hearts were sinister. If outsiders were to learn of her special physique and her heaven defying cultivational technique, then she would be in great danger!

With her current circumstances, it would be perfect if they continued to believe in that assumption.

She didnt allow them to see through anything or provoke unwanted trouble.

In the midst of the hubbub, only one person had a face the colour of a pigs liver, their body trembling.

That was Bai Ruoqi!

She really did not think that the damned girl would really be at the ninth level of the qi profound realm!

How was this possible? This must be a fake, that damned girl was lying right?

Bai Ruoqi sorely wished that this is only an illusion, but even the Imperial Tutor can confirmed Huang Yuelis cultivation. The Imperial Tutor was a master, so his judgement could not be false.

Of course more importantly, Huang Yueli was standing right opposite of her.

More than anyone else, Bai Ruoqi clearly felt the surging qi emitting from Huang Yuelis body!

Moreover, Huang Yuelis profound qi was many times more pure and powerful than hers. Just by calmly standing, an incomparable momentum permetated and filled the area with a strong pressure.

This feeling, did not feel like someone at the peak of the qi profound realm, but more like a powerful expert on the level of the Imperial Tutor!

Bai Ruoqi did not know why she felt this way. But the pressure Huang Yueli inflicted on her was that immense!

Huang Yuelis cultivationis in no such way, fake!

This was simply no way to falsify this.

But.why? Why was this damned girl on the same level as her? And, from the surge of profound qi, she seems to be better than her?

How could this be? ! How could this be? ?

Bai Ruo Qi almost crushed her teeth. After awhile of speechlessness, she finally forced out: really are at the ninth level of the qi profound realm? When did you reach this? Why do I not know this? ?

Huang Yueli smiled and said: I broke through five days ago, just like second sister three days prior? Aiyo, I am sorry, I advanced two days earlier than you!

Bai Ruoqi was furious.

Who asked you this! I ask you, you clearly can cultivate and have such a high talent. Why would you still pose as a wastrel? Are you playing with me?

Huang Yueli replied particularly innocently: When did I say that I was a waste? Thats simply your own opinion! Obviously your own mind is not good, believing yourself to be infallible. How can you claim that I tricked you? You think I like enjoyed being labelled as a wastrel?


Bai Ruoqi was left speechless.

Right, this damned girl never said she was a wastrel. But was it necessary to verbally confirm such things? Everyone has eyes, no?

However, why could no one can tell she is a genius? Most definitely, she had been scheming from the shadows!

Bai Ruoqi angrily said: This is clearly intentional. Im warning you, do not you think from secretly cultivation to the ninth level of the qi profound realm is anything! You have never acknowledged a master, so your battle ability, you still lacking!

Huang Yueli shrugged her shoulders, feeling ridiculous inside.