Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 269

Chapter 269 Bai Ruoqi Vs Huang Yueli 2
Chapter 269 Bai Ruoqi vs Huang Yueli (2)

I say.second sister, you speak a lot of drivel! I just challenged you and you clearly accepted. You have yet to strike and instead you speak such nonsense? If you are afraid, please take the initiative to admit defeat. I do not have to fight against you.

You jest? Me afraid of a trash like you?

Bai Ruoqi looked at her with ridicule. Blurting out such words without hesitation due to her irritation!

But she regretted them as soon as they left her mouth.

Because this damned girl was not a waste. She really was a little scared!

A fourteen-year-old at the peak qi profound realm and suspected sixth grade talent..

This was a super genius thats several levels above her!

In her entire life, Bai Ruoqi had never encountered such a brilliant talent. Just thinking about it softened her legs.

If the person were any other sixth grade talent, Bai Ruoqi would have long turned pale from fright without any resistance She would immediately surrender.

However, standing before her, was the trash of her third sister! Someone she could wantonly decimate, the weak and cowardly Bai Ruoli!

She could lose to anyone but not this little cheap girl!

To regret and retreat after just accepting the challenge would already be very embarrassing.

Not to mention, it was against the person she most despised!

To her, it would be a hundred times more embarrassing in comparison to being killed directly!

Bai Ruoqi anxiously stared at Huang Yueli, trying hard to suppress the fear in her heart. Inwardly she tried to convince herself to fight.

She did not know how her third sister hid her cultivation. And with any formal learning, therefore, it would be impossible for her to learn profound skills.

Of course, with Bai Liufeng as her father, she assumed he would leave his daughter with a couple advanced profound skills and the like. That would explain the fast and ridiculous advancements.

However, a real battle was completely different from practice!

Even if two people executed the same skill, different practice methods and applications, would be the ultimate deciding factor of the battle!

This damned girl had no master, so even if Bai Liufeng left any high-level skills for her, no one taught her how to use them. With this, coupled with her long-term publicably recognised wastrel title, she could not gain any experience from sparring with others.

So this was the question. Although this damned girl possessed a high cultivation, but did she know how to use her profound qi in a fight?

Considering this question, a smile gradually rose on Bai Ruoqis as she discovered this weakness of hers. Bai Ruoqis mood also became more relaxed.

Yes, that little slut does not understand how to fight. Did she think high profound qi will allow her to win? Much too naive!

She came to give a lessons to this girl, so she let her know what a real practitioner is like!

How would the pitiful Bai Ruoqi know, Huang Yueli opposite her, was in no way a rookie fighter?

Huang Yuelis combat experience could place her in the top ten of the entire Tianling Continent. But when it came combat perception and talent, she was second only to Mo Chengying!

Even if there were ten thousand Bai Ruoqis, they still will not be her opponent!

Making up her mind, Bai Ruoqi immediately stepped over and said: Since you are saying such things, then I will not be polite! Do not blame me for not reminding you, but I have learned the ancestral skills of our Bai family Frost Thorns! This is a black grade middle level profound skill!