Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 271

Chapter 271 Bai Ruoqi Vs Huang Yueli 4
Chapter 271 Bai Ruoqi vs Huang Yueli (4)

My God, hurry up and stop. Just thinking about it, makes me feel pain all over my body! If Bai Ruoqi is this powerful, wouldnt her third sister be suffering a great calamity? Bai Ruoli should have no battle experience right?

Yes, Bai Ruoli will soon lose!

Oh, what a pity!

Everyone let out a long sigh.

From the start of the fight till now, Huang Yueli had been constantly dodging Bai Ruoqis attack without counter attacking.

Under that powerful momentum, Bai Ruoqis hands formed various ice shards. Flashing under the dazzling sun, they looked very sharp and murderous.

Move by move, in a blink of an eye, more than a dozen strikes were sent out!

Under the onslaught of the Frost Thorns, it as if Huang Yuelis petite body would be skewered at any given time!

Everytime she dodged, it seemed she relied on good fortune to barely move aside. Only then was she able to survive with each passing graze. It was like watching a thriller movie.

This happened several times!

However, despite all those thrills, she was never hit. Even her new dress remained unscathed.

After a long time, a few people sensed something was wrong.

Third Young Miss Bais not seem to match!

This should be a movement based skilled? Seeing her steps are not very wide, it should be a footwork. No wonder she is Bai Liufengs daughter, able to learn such things! Movement related techniques are so very rare!

From what I see, the two of them are are incapable of dominating over the other, can this be regarded as a tie?

How can that be? If you look at Bai Ruoli closely, she only knows how to hide. Furthermore, every time she moves, those Frost Thorns are a hairs breadth away from touching. So sooner or later she will be hit!

Most people agreed that if Bai Ruoli won, only Bai Ruoqi will know how embarrassing that will be for herself!

Because, no matter how fierce her offensive was, and she even sealed all retreat paths, but she still failed to hit Huang Yueli. Each time she was able to easily move away!

Others may view her as hiding, only Bai Ruoqi knew how amazing her footwork was!

Rather than saying Huang Yueli was unable to dodge, it would be more appropriate to say she was too lazy to move. Making a few perfunctory movements will be more than enough.

The more she did this, the colder Bai Ruoqis heart turned.

In this way, her profound qi will sooner or later be consumed. When she no longer has anymore for energy, Huang Yulie will be able to easily attain victory then!

Bai Ruoqi bit her teeth, crying out: Bai Ruoli, can you only hide? As Bai Liufengs daughter, do you only know how to hide like a mouse? Can you not trade blows with me fairly?

Huang Yueli chuckled, Whats there to be afraid of? I just want to see what your Frost Thorns are like

Before she could finish her words, Bai Ruoqi suddenly accelerated her hand movements. In an overwhelming, she suddenly hit her!

Go to hell! !

When a person speaks, the bodys profound qi with then influenced and affecting the tempo of ones body.

Bai Ruoqi deliberately lured Huang Yueli into talking. Then taking advantage of this pause, she suddenly moved in for the kill!

My God!

Bai Ruoqi initiated a surprise attack!

Be careful!

With Bai Ruoqis entire infused into this final move, the speed of the Frost Thorn just doubled! Under the bright sun, it flew like a lightning bolt, sending out ear screeching sounds.