Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 272

Chapter 272 Bai Ruoqi Vs Huang Yueli 5
Chapter 272 Bai Ruoqi vs Huang Yueli (5)

Many people couldnt bear to look on, some even shut their eyes tight.

However, Huang Yuelis figure flashed in succession, although the speed of the Frost Thorns had increased, but once any closed in on her, they passed by her without touching her at all!

A cold glint flashed by Huang Yuelis eyes.

She hadnt even started attacking at all, not because she couldnt beat Bai Ruoqi but because she was just observing Bai Ruoqis Frost Thorns!

This mysterious skill was really something. This skill was created by her father and it contained the mysterious laws between heaven and earth, so it had aroused the attention of Huang Yueli.

Out of curiosity, she had let Bai Ruoqi display the skill in its entirety and wanted to see what were the renowned 36 forms were all about.

Now, she had basically understood all the profound mysteries behind this mysterious skill.

You want to play? Well, Ill let you play as you wish!

Huang Yuelis breath held not one bit of fatigue nor breathlessness in it. It seemed that the barrage of attacks had absolutely no effect on her.

The moment she finished speaking, she took a sudden step forward.

This was the first step in offence she had taken since the duel had started.

As she moved forward, she flourished her sleeves gently and an invisible force swept forth and all the Frost Thorns that were majestically flying in the sky broke away from Bai Ruoqis control.

With a single movement, the Frost Thorns suddenly turned around and they all pointed at Bai Ruoqi as they hovered in midair.

Huang Yueli flourished her sleeves once more and the Frost Thorns resumed the formation that Bai Ruoqi had displayed earlier, the only difference was that they were now directed at her.

The Frost Thorns rushes towards Bai Ruoqi at a frightening speed that had been accelerated many times than before as they sped towards her face!

These Frost Thorns were simply too fast and Bai Ruoqi couldnt react in time. Just a few seconds ago, she still had on a contemptuous smile. Before she even realised it, she had received a flurry of attacks!


Following that shrill scream, Bai Ruoqis sorry figure was seen flying out of the duel stage.

This sudden change of flow in the battle was simply too fast.

The Golden Scaled Guards had even thought that Huang Yueli was in dire straits and they were prepared to rush behind to save her anytime.

Who would have thought that the one who needed the saving in the end would be Bai Ruoqi.

Their reaction was slower by half a beat and even though they had rushed forward, they were still a step too late.

Bai Ruoqis body was flung onto a tree and was struck directly and her whole body slid down the trunk. Her crimson blood dripped off the branches onto the ground as she left a trail of blood behind.

The entire banquet was eerily quiet for a few moments until the Emperor suddenly snapped back and reacted.

Quickly! Wheres the Imperial Doctor! Imperial Doctor! Quick have a look at Bai Familys Second Young Miss!

The few imperial doctors who were present quickly rushed forward to check on Bai Ruoqi.

The rest of the audience had only reacted had many surprised gasps and shouts of alarm resounded all around.

Oh heavens! What happened to Bai Ruoqi? Is she dead?

What happened in the end? I clearly saw that Bai Ruoqi was executing her killer move and Bai Ruoli was fleeing desperately. Bai Ruoli didnt seem to be her opponent at all? Why was it that the one who was thrown out was Bai Ruoqi instead?

Bai Ruoli must have counter attacked.right?

No shit! But did you see it? I couldnt see anything at all!

Me too

Hushed whispers and curious gazes were exchanged as everyone present were trying to figure out what had happened exactly.

Although Huang Yueli had suddenly displayed her might of a nine level qi profound realm, almost everyone present had the same thought as Bai Ruoqi. They all felt that she lacked combat experience and the probability of her defeat was at a staggering 99%!