Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 274

Chapter 274: The Shameless Prince 1
Chapter 274: The Shameless Prince (1)

How was it that that damned girl also knew that move! And it even surpassed hers!

She herself was already a fourth grade talent genius and her affinity with ice was very high. Displaying the might of the Frost Thorns to such a degree was something she had been very proud of. To have been able to reach such heights was unprecedented

Who would have known, that Huang Yueli displayed an even higher level of Frost Thorns and this showed that she held a much higher level of comprehension and affinity in this aspect.

What was this? Was she born just to oppose her?

If Bai Ruoqi knew that Huang Yueli did not merely have an affinity with ice, but it was actually at the highest affinity, she would faint right away right? Not to mention that this was only a small part of Huang Yuelis prowessshe had the highest level in affinity for every single attribute!

In reality, Huang Yueli had never learnt the Frost Thorns before.

A black grade level profound technique just wasnt up to par with her standards and she had no interest in skills of such calibre. She had only learnt it on the spur of the moment when she saw Bai Ruoqis arrogant display and she had comprehended the complexities behind this skill. She had simply imitated it and returned to her the favour but she was very generous in returning it back a few folds!

Fortunately, Bai Ruoqi did not know the truth or else she might have really not have the courage to live on anymore.

At this moment, the Emperor spoke up.

Todaystodays match was really an eye-opener!

He had on an amiable smile and declared: The winner of this match is Bai Familys Third Young Miss, Bai Ruoli! Zhen didnt know that Miss Bai has such outstanding talent! Miss Bai truly is the daughter of Bai Liufeng! Zhen is very impressed!

The Imperial Tutor also laughed heartily as he added, This subject would like to congratulate Your Majesty to have gained another talent for our South Yue Country! To witness such a talent being born my very eyes is my very honour! Miss Bai is certainly a genius amongst geniuses! Other than Bai Liufeng, no one has reached such a level! Its my honour! Simply outstanding!

If it wasnt just before a few moments ago that the crowd had heard him discredit Bai Ruoli and stand on the side of Bai Ruoqi, they really would have thought that he heavily doted on Bai Ruoli!

The expression on the Imperial Empresss face was a little awkward. Just a few moments ago, she was pulling no stops to do all she could to embarrass Bai Ruoli so that she could prevent her from marrying her son.

As a result, she had intentionally prepared the talent show and this match to put Bai Ruoli in her place. However, Bai Ruoli had aced each stage she had set her up for!

At this point, the Imperial Empress thought back to her initial goal and found it to be simply laughable!

This Bai Ruolis talent surpassed Bai Ruoqi coupled with her disposition and mannerism, she felt a thread of sorrow, why she didnt see this earlier? She was completely blinded and had acted foolishly. She even schemed to discredit Bai Ruoli and had pushed for Bai Ruoqi to be the Crown Princes Consort instead!

If she didnt try to act smart and had followed the original intentions of the Emperor, wouldnt she have gained a sixth grade talent as her daughter-in-law*?

Harping over this point, the Empress really felt like slapping herself for her folly!

A sudden thought flashed in her mind and her muddled eyes cleared up again.

She looked back at the Crown Prince and saw that he also had on a look of apprehension as he kept looking back and forth between Bai Ruoqi and Huang Yueli.

The Imperial Empress had made her decision.