Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 275

Chapter 275: The Shameless Prince 2
Chapter 275: The Shameless Prince (2)

Oh, Li girls talent is superb, if Master Bai knew it, hes sure to be elated! This seat feels also feels very happy to know that my Juner has such a great talent by his side. I feel so comforted that youll be there by his side to assist him. Its heartening that our South Yue has such an outstanding Crown Prince Consort! This calls for a huge celebration!

When the Imperial Empress said this, she left everyone stunned.

What a brilliant finishing move!

Everyone understood the underlying meaning behind her words. The Empress had abandoned Bai Ruoqi and chose Bai Yueli as the Crown Prince Consort!

Oh heavens! Does that mean that the Crown Prince Consorts candidate is going to be changed?

Isnt this normal? Bai Ruoli has always been the top candidate but because of her status as a waste did that chance slip to Bai Ruoqi. Now that she has proven her strength, isnt normal that the Empress would switch to the strongest party?

But if thats the case, this Bai Ruoqi is really quite pitiful.

What about it? Thats the way of the world! The strong shall prevail and if you think back, how can she be considered pitiful when she was the one who snatched her cousins fianc in the first place?

The crowds hushed whispers reached the ears of Bai Ruoqi and her face went a shade paler. Her white as sheet complexion coupled with the fresh wounds was a terrifying sight to behold!

She couldnt believe it! The prized title of the Crown Prince Consort which she had just painstakingly attained, was about to fly out of her hands! It was going to be snatched away by Bai Ruoli! That belonged to her, Bai Ruoqi!

The Emperor frowned and said unhappily, Why did you say that, my Empress? Although Qier has lost this match, however this seat has already given my word. If I were to go back on my word just because of a mere match, how am I to gain the trust of the people?

The Empress had already thought of the countermeasures and explained calmly. Your Majesty, this doesnt constitute as going back in your word. Was it not your original promise to have the union of Bais family most gifted daughter to be matched with our Imperial Familys most gifted son? Although you had decreed, the promise made with Master Bai was before you gave your decree. Everything has a sequential order which we must place our priorities on! So according to the agreement with Master Bai which was first agreed upon, letting his precious pearl Lier to marry Mo Jun is in line with your promise!

When her words landed in the Emperors ears, he fell into deep contemplation.

In fact, no matter if it was strength or the Emperors private feelings, they were both inclined towards Bai Ruoli.

Had it not been for the fact that he had been too anxious just now and had formally given the imperial edict to decree Bai Ruoqi, he wouldnt be so torn now. He couldnt just change his mind and lose his face now could he? What a dilemma!

The Empress looked at the Crown Prince meaningfully.

When he saw her gaze, he immediately spoke out. Imperial Father, I am willing to marry young sister Lier. When Master Bai left, I didnt manage to take proper care of Lier. This itself is against his wishes before he left, if Im not able to redeem myself this time round, I dont know how I can face him when he returns.

When she heard his incredulously shameless speech, Huang Yueli couldnt help but twist her mouth and she even almost gagged on the spot!

What was shamelessness? This was epic, wasnt it a few moments ago that the Crown Prince had renegaded on the agreement and wanted to marry Bai Ruoqi instead? When that happened, he didnt seem that sorry on going back and being sorry towards her Father.

Now that he spoke with such righteousness, it seemed that if he married Bai Ruoqi back, he would be a street rat that everyone would detest!

Wasnt this switch a little too fast?

Moreover, even the manner of calling her had jumped from damn girl to young sister Lier.