Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 276

Chapter 276: The Shameless Prince 3
Chapter 276: The Shameless Prince (3)

My god! Were they even close to begin with? Why did he use such a familiar tone to call here? Just the thought itself was simply disgusting and a chill ran down her spine.

Even last time Mu Chengying has never called her by in such a nauseating name, was Li Mojun simply itching for her to cut his tongue off?

When Bai Ruoqi heard the words of the Crown Prince, she even vomited blood on the spot.

Your Highness..How could you.?!

Bai Ruoqi was grieving. Not only had she lost in the hands of Bai Ruoli, her beautiful face was now mutilated, she had lost her reputation and even the Crown Prince didnt want to marry her.

The Empress was afraid that she would say something more and affect the Crown Princes reputation so she quickly interrupted her.

Oh Qier, your talent is naturally very good! This Empress and the Crown Prince also like you very much. However, as it remains, His Majesty had a prior agreement with Master Bai. If His Majesty were to go back on his words, what would the world say? Theres also that matter of you bullying Lier. Yet, she hasnt held it against you. If you are to snatch her fianc again, that wouldnt be good.

Bai Ruoqis eyes widened as she stared at the Empress with disbelief.

Prior to the March, the Empress was clearly in favour of her, she even concealed the happenings at the Peach Blossom garden for her. She was obviously on her side and she even tried her best to get the Crown Prince to marry her.

Yet now everything was completely opposite and she was voicing her opinions on behalf of Bai Ruoli.

Just the time it took to burn an incense, everything changed. Just before, she was still a proud daughter of the heavens. Even the Imperial Tutor and others gave her extra attention and respect. All the other ladies present were also envious of her, even though she had embarrassed or offended them, no one dared to speak up against her.

She was enjoying the careful attention,fawning and respected gazes of all people, and before she could savour all of these, she was immediately pulled down by Bai Ruoli.

In a flash, all the honour, status and prestige she had just attained was taken away by that damn girl she had looked down upon most!

Bai Ruoqi was so mad that her eyes flipped and she lost all consciousness.

The Empress heart jumped in shock from the poor girls reaction and she felt a thread of sympathy for her.

However, she thought on further and knew that if she had softened her heart this time round and let Bai Ruoqi become the Crown Princes Consort, that meant that Bai Ruoli would marry someone else!

This was a sixth grade talent were talking about! In the entire South Yue, there hadnt been a talent of such calibre for hundreds of years! Her talent was even higher of that the Crown Prince!

It was not easy to have found this sliver of chance relying on the verbal agreement decades ago to trap her in this arranged marriage.

This was the last chance they had to grasp tightly on to!

She couldnt let her son lose this advantage!

After this thought flashed in her mind, the Empress heart hardened once more as she ordered, Bring the Second Miss of the Bai Family to rest and treat her wounds properly.

After which, she turned around elegantly and faced Bai Ruoli with an amiable smile, Lier my child, I have seen that you are not simple at all. Not only are you talented in all aspects, whats even more rare is that you are not arrogant at all. Even though youve been bullied by your sister, you still abide by sisterhood. Possessing such a calm disposition at such a young age is really admirable!

After she spoke, the Imperial Tutor immediately added, What Your Majesty said is so true! Theres no need to mention her outstanding talent but what I really appreciate is her character! I respect her from the bottom of my heart! Only a gifted daughter of the proud heavens is worthy of the Crown Prince!

He turned around to look at Huang Yueli and his face was full of smiles.

Li girl, this old man has always wanted to choose a direct disciple to formally inherit everything of mine, unfortunately, Ive never managed to find anyone suitable. After seeing your resplendent performance today, indeed you are the only person thats worthy of such a position!