Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 279

Chapter 279: Want To Be My Master.? You Are Not Worthy 3
Chapter 279: Want to be my Master.? You Are Not Worthy! (3)

The Emperor gave a reproaching look, and turned to speak to the Imperial Tutor: Imperial Tutor, you should not put concern yourself too much with what she said. She is still young and not sensible. Girls her age are young and frivolous, but thats also normal. That year, wasnt it the same for Liufeng?

This was a reminder to the Imperial Tutor that Bai Liufeng was only missing and has not yet died. Should he really return, he would know that the Imperial Tutor had worked against his daughter. The Imperial Tutor was also unable to withstand the anger of Bai Liufeng.

The Imperial Tutor listened to these words and sighed heavily and lamented: You really dont know whats good for you! Hmph! Next time when you come to regret it, even if you beg this old man, this old man will not receive you!

Huang Yueli turned a blind eye to this farce and remained silent to this shameless old man.

Although he was older, she didnt have an ounce of respect for him. Respect was to be earned, not given blindly.

In fact, she really did not fear to clash with the Imperial Tutor, after all, with the Emperor sitting by the side, if the Imperial Tutor really want to hurt her, it wouldnt be so easy.

Thinking back, wasnt it just a few days ago, when she had yet to cultivate to such a high level, she still had played the Imperial Tutor?

However, since the Emperor personally came out and said a few words, Huang Yueli could only leave it.

The Emperor sighed with relief and quickly seized the opportunity to announce the next edict.

As the Empress had said, the agreement with Master Bai in that year was to marry the best daughter of the Bai Family with the best prince. Now since the third miss has successfully challenged the the second lady of the Bai Family, she has proven her talent and for strength. For the sake of fairness, the edict earlier of the day is cancelled, and Zhen has decided to let the third miss of the Bai Family and the Crown Prince.

The Crown Prince was so happy that he wanted to scream out and jump in joy!

The happiest man today was him. So many young girls were all fighting for him, fighting for the position of his consort.

And he felt really lucky. Whether it was Bai Ruoqi or Bai Ruoli, no matter how high they cultivated, they were both fighting teeth to teeth to be his consort! All he needed to do was to sit here and receive such a brilliant talent by his side!

A proud daughter of the heavens, to reach the sixth rank In the renowned Blazing Star Academy that was filled with geniusesall these talents would gather

Lucky for him, shes never seen the world or else she wouldnt choose to marry him!

At the Crown Princes side, Prince Yus expression was ugly to the extreme.

On that handsome face, there was no longer any trace of smile. His peach eyes had on a murderous glint in them as he stared frostily at charming face in front of him.

How did this little girl not have any reaction at all? The Emperor said to bestow a marriage to the Crown Prince and her!

Did she really have romantic interest towards the Crown Prince and was willing to get married with him?

If this little girl really dared to, he will definitely let her know What will be the consequences of provoking his anger!

Huang Yueli was aware of Li Moyings blazing gaze on her.

However, she did not even bother to respond. So what if she was engaged now? Could the Crown Prince force her to marry him?

Anyway, she wouldnt be staying in South Yue for a long time. When she bolted, who could make her stay here?

Of course, although this engagement was just verbal jibberish to her, she did not want to be paired up with such a person like the Crown Prince. Therefore, this marriage, she must still think of ways to refuse.

Only her own thoughts, why should she let Prince Yu know?

Didnt that smelly man not bother to look at her the entire day? Didnt he not care about her?

Therefore, when the Emperor said that he had bestowed her a marriage, there was no refutation from her.

Of course, she did not thank the Emperor, she merely smiled.