Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 280

Chapter 280: The Crazed Bai Ruoqi
Chapter 280: The Crazed Bai Ruoqi

The Crown Prince dropped to his knees and bowed towards the Emperor, his face beaming with a huge smile.

This child would like to thank Imperial Father for bestowing this marriage! To have such a virtuous wife is really the biggest blessing in my life!

After expressing his thanks, he did not forget to turn towards Huang Yueli.
Lier, Ive been fond of you for a long time, but being the Crown Prince, I have my responsibilities, which was why I agreed to marry your sister before. Now that I have you, I promise that Ill be devoted to you and will not marry any concubines!

When the Crown Prince said this, it was not because he had fallen in love with Huang Yueli but for a more realistic reason.

He was not stupid. With such a talented wife of such a high calibre by his side, although they were still in South Yue, when they left for Sky Cloud City and entered a proper academy, shell slowly start to see the world. It wouldnt be easy to keep her then.

What the Crown Prince was doing now was to seize the opportunity to use sweet talk to first to mend and stabilize their relationship. It was best to marry her when she was still young and ignorant, letting her be fully reliant on him, so that he did not need to be afraid that she would leave him for a more talented genius that had more prestige than him in the future.

Of course, Huang Yueli wasnt a girl who held such sentiments. In her previous life, there were countless geniuses who were willing to kneel before her to just get her to take a look at them. Even Li Mojun was no different! He wasnt even fit to pick up her shoes.

She clearly knew what this man was thinking about.

Her lips curled up as a sweet smile blossomed on her face. However her heart secretly spat: What an imbecile!

The Crown Prince looked at her and smiled. He thought that she was moved by his own confession and that her heart had been touched. He stepped forward and reached out for her hand.

Prince Yus face became darker and darker, and the pressure around his body became lower and lower.

This was it. In the end, he could not stand it. With the sound of a PA! The chopsticks between his fingers broke into two. He flung the broken chopsticks to the ground and he was just about to declare his sovereignty over his little fox!

However, just as he opened his mouth, a shrill scream rang in the banquet hall.

The cry was so sharp that even Li Moying was shocked and swallowed back his words.

Everyone turned to the source of the scream and saw a bloody Bai Ruoqi struggling to stand up and limped towards the center of the hall.

The Emperor, the Empress, you cant let the Bai Ruoli be the Crown Prince Consort! It should be meit should be me! Everything was decreed

Bai Ruoqi fell to the ground, wailing loudly and even grabbed the hem of the Crown Princes robe.

Your Royal Highness, you once said that you only like Qier! You even promised that Qier would be your consortHave you forgotten? How can you be interested in that little shrew?

The Crown Prince lowered his gaze and saw Bai Ruoqis face that was full of blood and tears. Her face was now disfigured and she looked extremely hideous.

Where was the little beauty that he was used to? She looked more like a ghost!

The Crown Prince could not conceal his disgust and he pulled his sleeves back, trying to throw off Bai Ruoqi.

What are you doing? Let go!

However, Bai Ruoqi held on with a death grip and wouldnt release him.

Your Royal Highness, you have clearly promised, how can you change your heart? The decree has also been set by His Majesty!

After she said those words, there was a dangerous glint that flashed in her eyes as she stared hatefully at the figure beside him. Her eyes looked as if they could spew fire. She suddenly rushed forward and scratched viciously as she aimed for Huang Yuelis face.
Bai Ruoli! You tramp! You dare to destroy my face? Im going to ruin yours too!