Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 281

Chapter 281 : The Crazed Bai Ruoqi 2
Chapter 281 : The Crazed Bai Ruoqi (2)

Bai Ruoli looked at the crazed Bai Ruoqi who was screaming like a lunatic. With a slight smile on her lips, she shook her head helplessly.

Second Sister, its better you stop doing this, were out in public you know?

Stop your false pretense! Still acting all goody! Its all because of you that Im like this! Its all because of you! Tramp! Im supposed to be the number one talented beauty of South Yue! Im the real Crown Prince Consort! Why must you snatch this away from me?

By now, Bai Ruoqi has already climbed up after ranting it all out.

Everything she had was ruined by Bai Ruoli! Today, her name was swept to the ground like dust and her reputation fell rock bottom, even the Crown Prince had a change of heart!

The face that she had been so proud of was also destroyed by that hateful Bai Ruoli!

She didnt care about anything anymore, all she had on her mind was to drag Bai Ruoli down with her and let her be embarrassed in front of everyone.

But of course, how could Huang Yueli give her such an opportunity?

She only took a step back, without anyone noticing, she deftly flicked her fingers and shot at Bai Ruoqis legs with a strain of qi, causing her to lose her balance.

She fell to the ground with a loud Bam!

Enough! Bai Ruoqi, youve gone mad! The Crown Prince hollered as he quickly dashed to the front of Huang Yueli in a protective stance.

How could you treat your younger sister like this? Had I known that you were such a person, I would never have even the slightest thought of marrying you! I was blinded and was tricked by you. My Lier is a genuine lady who has a good heart.

As he berated her, he continued to act as a protector as he stretched his hands out to shield Bai Ruoli behind in a righteous manner.

He was inwardly proud of himself, using the strategy of a hero rescuing the beauty, this was a sure win! He was positive that the girls heart was touched and may even be touched to the point of tears.

Well, he was right about the tears, but it wasnt because she was touched, it was because of holding back her laughter.

Truth be told, she really thought that the Crown Prince and Bai Ruoqi were a perfect match. Such a shameless, naive and idiotic couple was really hard to come by.

Hearing the words of the Crown Prince, Bai Ruoqi was angered to the point of fainting yet again.

The banquet hall was yet once again in a state of upheaval.

Heavens! Bai Ruoqi must have really lost it! She even dared to attack her cousin in front of the Emperor!

Shes definitely gone mad! She must have lost all reason when she, a first rate genius, was actually defeated in the hands of a well known trash! On top of that, she lost the position of the Crown Princes Consort. If it was me, Id go mad too!

Its already such an awkward situation, instead of taking this chance to sneak away, she actually jumped back right in, isnt that even worse?

Well, she deserves it! Who asked her to be so proud and arrogant? Shes a psycho who loves bullying her younger cousin! This is all retribution!

Hearing the surrounding murmurs of the crowd and various scoldings of Bai Ruoqi, Huang Yueli shook her head once again.

She had accomplished what she wanted and had lost interest in dragging this further.

Just as she was about to find an excuse to sneak away, Bai Ruoqi suddenly raised her head and stared murderously at her, with a cold glint in her eye.

Huang Yueli was startled for a moment but there was no other reaction.

Bai Ruoqi turned her body and kowtowed to the Emperor.

Your Majesty! Empress! Qier had lost to Third Sister and had lost my position as the Crown Princes Consort. However, Bai Ruoli has no right to be the Crown Prince Consort!

She paused and gritted her teeth. Thats because Bai Ruoli had lost her innocence before marriage.A month ago, she was caught in bed fooling about with a man! A lot of people can bear witness to this! She may be strong but a tainted woman like her is not worthy to be the Crown Princes Consort!