Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 282

Chapter 282: The Crazed Bai Ruoqi 3
Chapter 282: The Crazed Bai Ruoqi (3)


There was such a thing?!

This should be another of Bai Ruoqis accusations again. Bai Ruoli fooling about with a man? How could this be?

Its hard to sayIve also heard this rumour. It was also told very vividly!

But shes a sixth grade talent! How could she put any ordinary man in her sight?

What Bai Ruoqi declared had brought forth yet another wave of clamours.

When the Emperor saw her act like this, he was displeased and said, Qi girl, Zhen knows that youve suffered. Your face has been injured but that can be healed with a high grade pill. Once youve fully recovered, I will decree you a proper marriage, a grand one at that! Just leave your grudges with your third Sister. Its time to let go.

Bai Ruoqi replied: Your Majesty, its not Qier who doesnt want to let go, but its just that I cant watch His Highness get tricked by her! My Third Sister Bai Ruoli is a promiscuous girl! Not only did she get caught red handed with a man in bed, just ten days ago, she even entered the auction with a mysterious man, even His Highness can bear witness to that!

The Crown Prince had actually almost completely forgotten that incident until Bai Ruoqi brought it up once again. When he was reminded of it, his heart almost jumped out.

Thats right.! That time that girl was with a mysterious man who had a terrifying cultivation level. Moreover, they seemed quite close! The two of them were in there together for such a long time!

Did the two of them really have the relationship between a man and a woman?

Although his consorts strength was the most important, her mannerisms could largely be ignored. However, if the lady was promiscuous and let the man wear a green hat, this is something every man cannot bear!

Not to mention with his status as the Kingdoms Crown Prince!

The Crown Princes face immediately became stiff.

Bai Ruoqi knew that what she said had an impact. She thus sneered and continued: Your Majesty, Qier definitely did not lie, I have a witness! The last time when my sister was caught red handed fooling with with a man, weve detained that man. I have already ordered people to bring that man to the palace. Your Majesty, please allow that man to enter the palace to testify!

Witness? Youve even brought the witness?

Is it true that there was such a thing?

The Emperor and Empress looked at each other is dismay, never would they have thought that things would have taken such a drastic turn.

This was a very awkward situation, considering that Bai Ruoli was yet of age. Being only fourteen this year, to fool around with a man such a thing has never crossed their minds. She hadnt even grown up, to do such things at such an age was very unlikely.

Bai Ruoqi being jealous of her and weaving rumours was more like it.

However this matter was still related to the honour of the Royal Family.

Huang Yueli shook her head and said: Second Sister, enough of all these ruckus. Havent you had enough of making many jokes of yourself today? Now its to the point of creating a joke to malign me?

Malign?Bai Ruoqi retorted with a sneer. You dont even dare to see the witness and dare to say that I am maligning you? If you have no guilty conscious, do you dare to confront him?

Huang Yuli looked at her with a thread of sympathy and softened her tone. Second Sister, stop making a fuss. Havent we lost enough face for our family today? Do you want to destroy the entire reputation of the Bai Family?

Huang Yueli looked at her as if looking at a joke and this infuriated Bai Ruoqi greatly.

At this moment, the Imperial Tutor spoke up.

As far as I see it, I think that what Second Miss of the Bai Family has mentioned sounds reasonable. Since there are such vile rumours going around and theres a witness to this, why dont we call people in and thoroughly investigate it? If Third Miss of the Bai Family really did not those things, well clear things up once and for all, or else if those was left uncleared, who knows what rumours will spread to the people!