Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 283

Chapter 283: conspiracy 1
Chapter 283: Conspiracy (1)

The Imperial Tutor was just harshly rejected by Bai Ruoli and she had left him in a very awkward position. He was already filled to the brim with rage and now such a chance had presented itself to him, he couldnt wait to use it to retaliate.

Now with such an opportunity, he can use Bai Ruoqis stage to tear that girl off the pedestal!

The Emperor had to give some face to the Imperial Tutor and he also had to clear the name of the future Crown Princes Consort. If this wasnt handled properly now, if unseen circumstances happened in the future, things will get only messier.

Hence, the Emperor also agreed to the suggestion of the Imperial Tutor and called the witness into the palace to interrogate him.

Li girl, the Royal Family doesnt doubt you. However since someone has mentioned such a thing and all the nobles are also present, this is necessary to clear all the allegations against you. This is your reputation and since youre not guilty, we will clear things up and I promise you that whoever dares to frame and malign you, will be punished dearly! The Empress said in a grave tone.

The Empress was worried that Bai Ruoli was unhappy and added a few more words to appease her.

Huang Yueli had no intention of wasting anymore of her precious time here.

That wretched Bai Ruoqi and unexpectedly splashed her with a bucketful of filthy water. Her heart was cold and she looked at Bai Ruoqi with a chill in her eyes.

What is this Second Sister up to now?

A moment later, a Golden Scaled Guard escorted a man over and brought him forward.

As soon as the man entered the hall, everyones eyeballs almost fell to the ground.

Qi girlyou are saying that THIS man here was the very man that was caught in bed with Li girl?

For a long time, the Emperor gawked at the sight before him before he could compose himself.

Cough cough. I think theres definitely a misunderstanding somewhere? The Empress spoke with a shaky voice.

Even all the daughters of the nobles that were present who were originally waiting to watch a good show were all taken aback. At this moment, they looked at each other and could not believe their eyes that such a thing was happening.

The man in front of them was really ugly.

His face was full of pockmarks, his legs were uneven and even his mouth drooped to one side. Moreover he was just an ordinary person without any cultivation. What an impression.

With Bai Ruolis cultivation level,what kind of degree of brain damage would it take to hook up with such a man?

Bai Ruoqi saw everyones reaction and realised that she might have overdid it a bit.

About a month ago, when she drugged her Third Sister with the intention to frame her, she had deliberately found a man that was ugly to the extreme. She wanted that wench to feel indignant and shame and so she would go hang herself.

If she were to find her a handsome man like Prince Yu, wouldnt it be too much of a bargain for her?

Today, she had already planned this ahead and had arranged for that ugly man to wait outside the palace.

At that time, Bai Ruoqi had planned to drug Bai Ruoli at the banquet and let Bai Ruoli look like she had a miscarriage. After drawing the suspicion of the Empress, she would then bring him in as a witness and this would push Bai Ruoli into the abyss!

However, what she planned never happened and she was plotted against by that hateful wench instead, so the witness never had the chance to appear.

Until now. She finally found an opportunity to bring him in!

However, the situation had changed once again. Who would have thought that from a renowned waste, she had suddenly transformed into a genius!

So who would ever believe that she would ever be interested in such an ugly man?

Bai Ruoqis original killing move was now receiving an entirely opposite result.