Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 284

Chapter 284: conspiracy 2
Chapter 284: Conspiracy (2)

Bai Ruoqis intestines were all green by now and regretted that she did not find a bald man to play the role instead. Everything was too late now!

Seeing that both the Emperor and Empress had deep frowns on their foreheads and they didnt seem the least bit convinced, she could only continue to insist and grit her teeth through her plot.

Your Majesty! Please know that even though this man is ugly, hes very the man who was caught in bed with my Third Sister! Its true! I saw it with my own eyes!

Is it true? Youd better not be sprouting your mouth off to defame your sister ..or else We will not spare you!

The Empress was obviously not taken in by this unbelievable tale and she looked at Bai Ruoqi dubiously.

Bai Ruoqi turned her head to look at Bai Ruoli and exclaimed loudly: Bai Ruoli! After seeing Wang Familys Second Master, how can you still stand there and act all innocent? Dont tell me that youve forgotten that day at my birthday party? You were in the caught embracing that man naked at the back of my courtyard? What did you do, your heart should be well aware!

Wow! Naked and embracing together?

Is it true? Never expected that the Third Miss taste is soheavy!

However, the way Bai Ruoqi says it like its the truth!

This gossip was indeed very juicy and all the young ladies were exclaiming about with gusto.

Huang Yueli frowned and said: SecondSecond Sister How could you say that about me? What na..nak..and still embracing together? How could you say such shameful words out? Oh! No matter what, Im your cousin! Even if I had defeated you and you arent the Crown Prince Consort any longer, howhow could you say such such things about me?

She bit her lower lip and looked extremely aggrieved.

Originally, no one had believed that Bai Ruoli would be tangled with such a man and Bai Ruoqis credibility had also some issues. She had been a sore loser all this while, unwilling to let go of the loss of the title of the Crown Princes Consort. Even if Bai Ruoli didnt say anything, many would not believe Bai Ruoqi and would think that she just defamed her and wanted to frame her.

The Empress felt sorry for her and immediately said: Enough! Bai Ruoqi, you framed your cousin this morning and wasnt successful. Now youre resorting to such a trick again, how could a girl have such a vicious heart? Your Bai Family really makes me speechless! The Royal Family doesnt welcome you at the banquet! Come! Please send Second Miss Bai to leave the palace immediately!

She had been chased out of the palace by the Empress. She could no longer mix in the aristocratic circle.

She immediately pulled away from the Golden Scaled Guard and anxiously knelt to the ground to plead.

She loudly exclaimed: Empress Empress! Qier really didnt lie to you! You can ask for Wangs Second Masters testimony! You can also check if the virgin mark is still there. She did such a shameful thing! On that night, she even attempted suicide by trying to hang herself! She was lucky she was saved in time!

Bai Ruoqi sounded so convincing, the Empress was slightly taken aback.

She turned to Bai Ruoli and asked, Lier, what do you have to say?

Huang Yueli stared at the so called man that she supposingly tangled with and was in deep thoughts for a long while and she finally recalled.

Before she had crossed over, the original Bai Ruoli was drugged by the Bai Ruoqi who had spent so much effort to find such an ugly man to defile her.