Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 285

Chapter 285: conspiracy 3
Chapter 285: Conspiracy (3)

However, the physique of Bai Ruoli wasnt really that of a waste, so the drug had limited effect on her, so she had already awoken when the ugly man entered the room.

Before she figured out where she was, she saw such an ugly man in such close proximity and she felt a wave of nausea surge up her throat and vomited directly on his face.

Naturally after being puked upon, all the lewd thoughts in Master Wangs mind had dissipated. All that was left was a heavy intent to kill the damn girl!

While one fled and the other chased, Bai Ruoqi brought someone to rush in to catch them in the act. Second Master Wang had happened to catch Bai Ruoli then and grappled her neck, with the intention to strangle her. However, to the outsiders, it looked as if they were doing something else. In fact, nothing had transpired between them.


As for why Bai Ruoqi had insisted that she had lost her chastity.

This could be figured out easily without much thought.

Obviously Second Master Wang did not accomplish the task he had and was afraid that he would be punished so he reported that he had succeeded!

With clear understanding of the ins and outs of the matter, Huang Yueli was not flustered one bit.

She turned to the Empress and said innocently: Your Majesty, I really do not know this man! I also do not know why Second Sister wants to frame me! She even declared to the entire world that my innocence has been lost. Where did she even hear this from? Its absurd!

If Bai Ruoqi believes in Second Master Wang, she would really think that Bai Ruoli was trying all means and ways to wriggle her way out of it.

Just keep prattling on excuses by yourself! Lets see what your man has to say!

She sneered and gave the Second Master Wang a glance, hinting for him to quickly speak up.

Second Master Wang fell to the ground and beads of cold sweat started rolling off his forehead.

At first, all he had wanted was to get back a thousand silver taels to pay back his gambling debts. To even get the first night of a beauty of such a prestigious Missy, he had quickly agreed. However things had not gone the way he had expected but to get the money, he lied to Bai Ruoqi.

Who knew, this matter had been blown way out of proportion and Bai Ruoqi had seized his weakness and threatened him, forcing him to go to the palace to testify.

He really regretted it from the bottom of his heart!

She actually wanted him to lie to the Emperor and Empress?! If he was exposed, how could he still preserve his little life? Even if he wasnt exposed, he would still be labelled as an adulterer, one can likely guess the outcome of this as well.

However, if he did not testify against her, his entire family, young and old, including his 80 year old mother were in the hands of Bai Ruoqi. If he didnt do as told, his entire family would follow him to his grave!

Second Master Wang was trembling. He only started to call out after a few moments: YYYYo..Your Majesty. This little one andMiss Bai..Third Missreally had our moment togetherAt that time, Third Miss was voluntary as wellI have evidence!

Evidence? What evidence?

Second Master Wang said, There is a dark red birthmark behind Third Miss waist. There is also a small mole below her chest. These were all..when we were together

As soon as he said this out, everyone looked blankly at Huang Yueli. One by one they looked at her, scanned her from top to bottom, wishing that they could see through those clothes to see if what that man said was the truth.

Even the Empress looked at her, stunned.

Lier child, do you really have the birthmark and mole?

Huang Yueli shrugged and replied indifferently: What if there is? What if there isnt? This person here was brought here by Bai Ruoqi. She is my cousin and to have seen my birthmark when we were children is normal. Telling what she knows to this person, how can this testimony be credible?