Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 286

Chapter 286: burlesque 1
Chapter 286: Burlesque (1)

A lot of people nodded in agreement to Huang Yuelis words.

Indeed, the man was brought here by Bai Ruoqi, such privy information could easily be disclosed to him. This was highly likely!

The Empress nodded and said, What Lier child said is right, its distressing that I didnt think about it.

She then asked in a harsh tone, Second Master Wang, what other evidence do you have? With such flimsy evidence, you still want to pin down such claims on our Lier? Do you know the crime of deceiving us, the Royal Family? Hmm?

Second Master Wangs entire back was soaked through in cold sweat.

However, the words have already been said, there was no way but to grit his teeth and continue.

Em..Empress This little one really did not lie! The birthmark on Third Miss body was not anything Second Miss told me. It was seen by me with my very own eyes! Thinking back, its really quite embarrassing. I had approached Third Miss with the intention to cheat her of some money. Who knew she was so simple minded that with just a few sweet words, she was hooked and thats why we..

While he dramatised the entire tale, he had on a resolute look. Your Majesty! This little one does not dare to deceive you! I feel very regretful now, if I had known earlier that Third Miss was one of the Crown Princes Consorts candidate, this little one would never have dared to pull such a trick!

When he heard the words Crown Princes Consort, the Crown Princes expression grew darker and darker.

It was not easy to select a Consort that he was so satisfied with, yet before their marriage, his Consort has lost her innocence to another man?

Whether this was the truth or not, if such rumours were to leak out, it would smear his reputation!

Of all things, Bai Ruolis talent was unprecedented, he could not bear to let go should he hold on to this talent? Or should he stick to his principles and save his face? In the end, he was stuck in a dilemma. Face or benefit? He couldnt decide.

Bai Ruoqi was also chiming in suggestions from the side. Empress, you dont have to listen to all the excuses of Bai Ruoli! Its easy to verify if her body is chaste. Just ask her to roll up her sleeves and check to see if her virgin mark is still on her arm!

She lifted her chin haughtily and she challenged Bai Ruoli. Do you dare to roll up your sleeves and let everyone see where did your virgin mark disappear to?

Her face was full of confidence and she was absolutely certain that Bai Ruoli would be scared and try all means and ways to talk her way out of it and desperately try to stop them.

Who knows, Huang Yueli cast her a gaze full of mockery and simply pulled up her sleeve a little.

Second sister, I really do not know what you are talking about? Why cant you speak lesser? When things that can be easily proven with a single look, words cant cover up such blatent lies

On her white and slender wrist, a resplendent red dot was revealed to all.

Everyones gaze shifted over to Bai Ruoqi.

Bai Ruoqi is crazy

Scary! She made everything sound so credible! I thought that shed have some concrete evidence, tell me, what is this?

Who knew, everything was a farce! Bai Ruoqi is really laughable!

Bai Ruoqis gaze was deadlocked at Huang Ruelis wrist. Her eyes got bigger and bigger and suddenly, she screamed out.

Impossible! Its impossible! It must have been painted on after the incident! Its fake! Youve lost your innocence! Thats what Second Master Wang told me himself!

Is that so? Huang Yuelis lips raised to a cold smile. So, if you say that its fake that means its fake? Take a good look at it, everyone here has eyes that can see the truth of the matter. If you still want to quibble, then Id say that this entire thing was set up by you. Second Master Wang was sent by you to frame me!

Hah! What a joke! What evidence do you have to say that I framed you?! Bai Ruoqi retorted irritatedly.