Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 287

Chapter 287: burlesque 2
Chapter 287: Burlesque (2)

You want evidence?

Huang Yueli slowly said, Thats easy, all we need is Second Master Wangs testimony! As long as I question him, I will be able to get the truth out. Do you dare to let me interrogate him personally?

Bai Ruoqi laughed out loud.

Whats there for me to be afraid of? If you want to ask, go ahead and ask! The truth of the matter is as what Ive said. Even if you ask a thousand times, the answer will be the same! Im warning you, Ill be here watching you, you had better not try to mislead the crowd and twist the facts!

For a moment there, she still thought that she still had something up her sleeves. She was still feeling apprehensive and thought what other ideas she had came up with.

In the end, it was just so that she could interrogate him in person!

Whatever that damn girl asked wouldnt make any difference!

Second Master Wangs entire family had long been caught by her, if he dared say anything, their entire family would die without any burial!

Bai Ruoqi was confident that he wouldnt say anything detrimental and betray her.

Huang Yueli laughed lightly, Im not you, why would I mislead everyone?

After that, she turned and faced Second Master Wang. Dont be afraid, I am here. With me around, my sister cannot do anything to you. Now tell me honestly, what youve said just now, is it all true?

While she was saying this, she stared into his eyes and converged the energy and a quick flash of light fleeted across her pupils and she used the Piercing Sky Eye technique.

Second Master Wang only thought that her eyes were dazzling and it was as if there were unfathomable mysteries behind them and unknowingly, he was sucked into them.

Huang Yueli had done it very discreetly and no one was able to notice anything out of the normal.

When Bai Ruoqi heard the questions asked by Bai Ruoli, she sniggered and laughed in her heart. She couldnt wait to see her crumble in helplessness before her.

Who knew, after a short moment, the words that came out of Second Master Wangs mouth was completely different!

IIThird Miss!!! Im so sorry Ive wronged you! Second Miss caught my whole family and used them to threaten me! I had no choice but to lie to the Royal Family! I was wrong!Im willing to bear this sin but please let me bear it alone! My family is beg you!

He knelt down and bowed all the way and kowtowed, knocking his head hard onto the floor, while crying and begging.

Bai Ruoqi was stunned and opened her mouth but no words came out. Only after a moment did she managed to squeeze some words out. YouYou..What nonsense are you blabbering? Youre crazy! Or is there something wrong with your brain?

She rushed out towards him, she couldnt wait to strangle him there and then!

Huang Yueli quickly stood out in front of her and smiled. Sister, wait! Dont get too excited. Didnt you just say that you would let me interrogate him? Why is it that Ive only asked one question and youre regretting it already?


If you had regretted it, I can stop this interrogation, but that would only prove one thing That youve framed me. This matter cant be settled so easily, youve been trying to frame me over and over again. I will leave this matter in the hands of the Emperor! Huang Yuelis tone turned cold.