Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 288

Chapter 288: bai Ruoqis End 1
Chapter 288: Title Below


While weighing the pros and cons in her head, she could only choose concessions, Alright, continue asking what you want to ask. Ill see what else are you going to ask!

After that, she shot Second Master Wang a warning glance and said to him in a threatening manner: Second Master Wang, you are now in front of the Royal Family! Bear in mind that you had better be mindful of your words! Dont be impulsive and harm yourself as well as your family.

These words had hidden meaning behind them filled with murderous intent.

If he was conscious, he would definitely bear that warning in mind and be frightened out of his wits and obey her.

But alas, due to the Piercing Sky Eye technique, he was under the impression that Bai Ruoqi was arrogantly domineering and had absolutely no mercy. Hence he could not comprehend the underlying threat in her words.

All he knew was that whatever Huang Yueli wanted him to do, he had to do it! It was absolute!

He turned a blind eye to Bai Ruoqis threatening gaze and said loudly: Empress! I did not defile Third Miss! She is still chaste, theres no mistake about it!

His words were a complete opposite of what he had said earlier and this sudden change in the situation left them staring at each other.

Whats the situation? Didnt that ugly man just said that he had gone all the way with Bai Ruoli? How could his words change so quickly?

Yeah, Bai Ruolis question wasnt very tricky and yet he just owned everything up? Whats this all about?

Ahhh! I know! Its called finding his own conscience!

Huang Yueli had an indifferent expression all along. She asked, Why did you say that I have an illicit relationship with you? Tell me the truth.

Bai Ruoqi was glaring at him and tried all variations to hint at him with her eyes but it was no no avail.

I..Ill say it Its all Second Miss idea! That day she had drugged Third Miss and instructed me to go to her room and defile her. But who knew that before anything could happen, Third Miss woke up and I tried to catch her. The timing was really coincidental when I had just caught her, the room door was opened and they came in to catch us in action. I didnt manage to do anythingand as for the birthmarks those were all told to me by Second Miss

Second Master Wang! Dont you dare malign people!

All Ive said was true! I beseech you, Your Majesty! Second Miss, youve plotted so much against your own cousin, even resorting to framing her in front of the Royal Family to destroy her reputation. Arent you afraid of getting nightmares at night?

YouYou! This is not true! Im innocent! Your Majesty! Bai Ruoli is really a promiscuous girl! Just that day at the Thousand Treasure Pavilion, she was

But the Emperor and Empress had seen enough of this farce and cut her off before she could finish her words.

Who was right, who was wrong, everything was clear in their hearts.

Bai Ruoqi simply didnt have the temperament of a lady and she was just a vindictive persona trying to bring down her own cousin at every single chance she had relentlessly; no different from a mad dog!

Such a person, even with talent, she was destined with no future.

Whats more, now their South Yue had gained a perverse genius who was a hundred times more talented that she was.

Since she was of no value, the Emperor had no qualms of holding back and need not endure such a sickening personality at all.

The Emperors face sunk and darkened. Enough is enough! Bai Ruoqi, youve said enough! Today, you have repeatedly defamed Li girl! I had given you a chance to repent but you stubbornly continued on the wrong path! Come! Drag this girl away and put her in jail!

The golden scaled guards immediately moved forward and executed his orders.
Bai Ruoqi still wanted to struggle and the guards were afraid that she would further antagonise the Emperor and they quickly dragged her out.