Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 291

Chapter 291: Title Below
Chapter 291: Title Below

Unfortunately, there wasnt a fool amongst them. Those who had lived to such an age who faced palace intrigues every day wouldnt be here then. Naturally, no one spoke out.

The Emperor smiled, in a slow and deliberate manner, he announced: Lier girl, among the sons of ours, the one with the highest talent, the most gifted son is the Crown Prince. I have already listened to your wishes, and I am also appreciate my son Mo Jun. Henceforth, I will decree your marriage. Choose an auspicious date to hold the wedding, of course, I propose an earlier date for both of you to exchange your sacred vows what do you think

Everyones heated gaze fell on the Bai Ruoli and the Crown Prince.

The princes and those who had higher cultivation levels definitely knew that the Crown Prince had a steal and their guts were wretchedly twisted with envy.

For those who had lower cultivation levels especially the noble daughters were simply clueless and had no idea what this marriage encompassed. They could not even fathom the degree of talent Bai Ruoli had, all they knew was that their hearts were filled green with envy.

This waste in everybodys eyes really flipped the skies today!

Not only did she show her outstanding prowess, she even defeated the number one talent in Southern Yue. She was even invited to be the Imperial Tutors personal disciple! Now the Emperor was decreeing her marriage to the number one bachelor, the Crown Prince!

Everyones heart was getting agitated!

When the Crown Prince heard the Emperors words, his aloof smile was hanging on his face. This feeling of superiority over his brothers really made him feel good! Feeling all the envious and hated gazes cast at him made his heart feel so refreshed!

Envy me? Feeling jealous? Well, the more they felt these emotions, all the better!

He was the best amongst the princes, he had the highest status and had the best talent! Obviously choosing such an outstanding Consort would bring him way out their leagues.

The Crown Prince saw the Emperors meaningful glance and he hurriedly rushed upfront.

He totally forgot, just moments ago, he had also ecstatically rushed upfront and thanked the Emperor for bestowing the marriage between Bai Ruoqi and him!

And the poor young maiden who was pinning to be married to him was tossed to the back of his mind.

When Huang Yueli saw the Crown Prince kneel down, her brows tightened and was just about to speak.

However, before she even opened her mouth, a cold voice beat her to it.

Wait a moment This marriage I do not agree to it!

No one thought that there would be anyone voicing out their opinions at this juncture.

After a moments silence, everyone subconsciously looked at the direction of the voice, trying to see who was so bold and dared to intervene in such a serious occasion.

Just one glance and they were all dumbstruck.

Prince Yu, Li Moying, stood up from his seat and slowly walked down.

He was incomparably handsome and his composed demeanor drew the heated gazes from all the ladies.

He turned a blind eye to these gazes and walked straight to Huang Yueli.

Huang Yueli was also stunned in place and stared at the charismatic man who stood before her. Looking at his pair of soul shaking eyes and his soft lips that had forcibly kissed her so passionatelyshe suddenly felt dizzy.

What..what was going on? What situation was this?

Li Moying, what did he want to do?

Moreover, hadnt they already each gone their own separate ways? Didnt that man not bother to look at her all day? Didnt he ignore her?

Now why did he suddenly change his mind?

And why did he look at herin such an ambiguous manner?

Li Moyings eyes were deep and in them it was as if there was a storm brewing. His intense gaze at Huang Yueli was burning yet it was also chilly at the same time.

Huang Yueli could not take such a complicated gaze from him and she unknowingly took a step back.