Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 293

Chapter 293: this Marriagei Do Not Agree To It 3
Chapter 293: This MarriageI Do Not Agree To It! (3)

A bead of perspiration trickled down Huang Yuelis forehead.

What was this man up to now? Whats more, talking to her and using such a magnetic voice in such an ambiguous manner!

After listening to his words, everyone who heard it would guess that the two of them really had something going on, right?

Truth be told, this presumption was very accurate. The Emperor looked at them for a moment before frowning. You two. Li MoyingLier girl the two of you.. when did the two of you get together?

Huang Yueli gritted her teeth, Your Majesty, youve misunderstood, we are not mmph!

She could not believe the man that stood before her.

Li Moying actually bowed down and lightly pecked her lips, forcibly blocking all the words she wanted to say.

While holding her, Li Moying said, Imperial Father, this son of yours has long been in love with Third Miss of the Bai Family. Weve been secretly meeting for a long time

You!Li Moying!..Dont say suchmmph!

Li Moyings expression darkened and gave her a look of warning as he snuggled up to her at the same time.

Huang Yueli saw the evil glint in his eyes and thought that he wanted to kiss her again,hence she hurriedly covered her mouth.

Li Moying smiled mischievously and gave her a long deliberate look but he did not inch forward this time round. Instead, with his eyes full of adoration, he spoke in a very affectionate manner: Alright, alright Lier, I know that you are worried that my Imperial Father would blame me. You are also scared that this would get me in conflict with my Imperial Brother so youve been denying our relationship this whole time. However, as a man, how can I let you suffer such grievance? The fact is that were together, so I must be responsible!

Responsible? Utter rubbish! Huang Yueli was flustered and exasperated at the same time. Ive already said it, words cant be spoken so carelessly! Do yoummph!

This time round, Li Moying found her too noisy and he directly sealed her voice by tapping on her mute acupuncture point.

Huang Yueli was instantly stunned, although her voice had been sealed, his actions this time round rendered her totally tongue tied as her mouth dropped open and she blinked blankly at him before the fire in her eyes started burning with rage.

She was extremely gloomy. Why did she always suffer a loss when she was dealing with this man? Since he couldnt win her in speech, he directly sealed her voice? Was he a Prince or a bandit?

Li Moying calmly removed his gaze and seemed to not have any guilt despite the dagger eyes directed at himself. For a moment there, he was actually enjoying a twisted kind of pleasure!

Today, his little fox had never once looked at him and now that she was staring at him so intently with such focus, he actually felt elated!

Not bad, his position in her heart was different than the normal!

Of course, the Emperor couldnt see Li Moyings secret move, all he saw was that the two of them interacted very closely.

Although Huang Yueli had always denied the relationship between the two of them, the attitude displayed towards Li Moying was clear to the eyes of the people. This was absolutely not the way one interacts with towards a stranger or an ordinary friend!

The two of themnaturally had a relationship that was beyond that of friends! From the looks of things, they were obviously emotionally entangled!

The Emperor coughed and interrupted the two in the midst of their wordless war.

Li Moying, tell me what is going on? Tell me the truth!

Yes, Imperial Father.

Li Moying bowed his head and replied: What your son has said earlier was the truth. Because when I met Lier, we were seen by Bai Ruoqi. This was why she would think of finding someone to ruin Lier. Honestly, weve been together secretly all because your son doesnt want to affect her future, thats why weve kept our relationship under wraps.

Say what? What in this world was this man jabbering about?

Huang Yueli couldnt speak, so she could only lift her leg to kick.

Li Moying was kicked for some time, after smothering his voice , he raspily whispered in her ears: Do you know that the more you struggle within my embrace, the more it looks like were an affectionate couple?