Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 294

Chapter 294: crown Prince Vs Prince Yu 1
Chapter 294: Crown Prince vs Prince Yu (1)

Huang Yue Li really wanted to say: If you have the capabilities, then theres no need to hug me? Then no one would misunderstand?

However, she couldnt say it out.

Li Moying looked at her cheeky face and his eyes smiled.

Sigh, theres no choice, he probably owed her in his last life.

Even if this small fox refuses to admit that she likes him, even if she always speaks in a tongue in cheek manner, mercilessly rejecting him time and time again, he still could not stand by the side and watch her get engaged to another man. He couldnt do it! His little fox was his alone!

Even if he were to directly destroy her marriage like what he just did now and the little thing were to see thru his false bravado and his true feelings that he had tried to hard to bury deep within surfaces which in turn would damage his self esteem and pride

To hell with it!

Anyway, he had always wanted this little fox to be his!

No other man can touch her, even though its just a nominating a fiance in name, it cant be any other man!

After he came to terms with his own feelings, his heart felt liberated and his heart was thumping wildly with joy. The pent up frustration which he had felt for many days were all swept away in one go.

Huang Yue Li saw that his expression had loosened up and from the side she could also see that there was a slight smile on his face as well, however, this triggered the alarm bells in her heart instead.

This man seldom laughed so happilythisthis means that someone else was in trouble Who was the unlucky one? It wouldnt be herright?

Li Moyings gaze rested his gaze on her and his expression became serious and dignified.

Imperial Father, please give us your blessings to Lier and I. Please grant us this marriage.

Before the Emperor could say anything, the Crown Prince had already jumped up.

No! What nonsense are you saying? Lier is my fiancee, do you mean that you want to snatch your own Sister-in-law? Imperial Father has already given his word and bestowed Lier and my marriage!

Imperial Father and Imperial Mother have already agreed to decree our marriage!

Li Moying revealed a mocking smile.

Isnt your Consort Bai Ruoqi? She was the person that was decreed to you in marriage. Shes still your fiancee before Imperial Father annuls it in another decree. Imperial Brother should not be mistaken!


The Crown Prince was countered by him and for a moment there, he did not know how to refute. His face flushed red and he was seething mad!

Li Moying! This means that youve hardened your heart and want to snatch people from me?

Compared to the agitated Crown Prince , Li Moying had on a calm and indifferent expression, as if he did not even put the Crown Princes warnings in his eyes.

Imperial Brother, youre thinking too much. Im not snatching. Lier has always been my woman!

The Crown Prince was almost on the verge of laughing out in anger. Your woman? Just based on your words? And with your talent? Do you know what a genius Lier is? A Sixth Grade Talent! Shes a proud daughter of heaven! If she were to be paired with a waste like you, how pathetic would that be? Your worth cant even account for one finger of hers, do you even know how to write the word shame?

Li Moyings gaze turned cold.

HoooohSo Imperial Brother does know what shame is? Then with your Fifth Grade garbage talent, you actually think you can match my Lier? As a core disciple of Celestial Light Academy, how could you not know that talented females are very rare, even more than their male counterparts? They are highly appreciated, so based on your talent, you even dare dream of marrying a Sixth Grade Talent?

You! What do you mean! Dont try to talk yourself out of it and try to confuse people here!

The Crown Princes heart thumped wildly, he didnt think that his plan would be exposed just like that, moreover, in front of so many people!

In south Yue, he had always been the object of love of all the ladies. Any girl would be proud to marry him.

However now someone actually said that he was climbing?