Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 295

Chapter 295: crown Prince Vs Prince Yu 2
Chapter 295: Crown Prince vs Prince Yu (2)

This was simply sweeping his self-esteem and dignity on the floor!

Whats more, what if the words were heard by Lier and she wakes up and decides not to marry him, what should he do?

With his head full of such thoughts, the Crown Prince subconsciously looked at Bai Ruoli, trying to discern her expression, afraid the see the look of comprehension on her pretty face.

However, it would have been better if he didnt look at all because the more the looked, the more the rage in his stomach grew!

Not once did the little girl turn to look at him, she was totally absorbed in looking at Li Moying, her expression was complicated, as if there were hundreds of words that were held back in her heart

Moreover, she was in the arms of Li Moying and a crimson blush was obvious against her fair complexion, looking particularly attractive.

Steam was almost coming out from the Crown Princes head!

What the hell? Wasnt he just a tad bit more handsome than he was?Just a tad bit more charismatic? Was it necessary to look at him in such a way, or was her eyesight that bad that she had to take such a long look at him?

To put it plainly, Li Moying was a total trash in cultivation!

With only looks and no strength, so what? Strength was the most important in this world! Did he want to be a gigolo?

Of course the Crown Prince did not know that the gaze she had for Li Moying that looked like affectionate gaze from his point of view was actually a smirk! And the red crimson lush on her fair maidens face was actually not because of shyness but it was flushed red with anger!

Li Moying, it seems that you wont do this the easy way, then well do it the hard way!

The Crown Prince was about to blow his top!

If Bai Ruoli was looking at a man that was far more competent than him, he had nothing to say, or rather, he really had no choice or say in the matter. However, the focus of her affection was Li Moying, that trash! Did he really think that just based on his handsome face, he would be able to seduce his woman?

This was simply an insult to the first genius in Southern Yue!

The Crown Prince was so angry and anxious at the same time that he could no longer maintain his composure. His indifferent expression had long since crumbled and darkened to the point of looking menacing.

Since you want to snatch from me my woman, its not entirely impossible. But youll have to follow the rules! Imperial Father has already mentioned that only the strongest among us Princes would be eligible for Liers hand in marriage. So lets have a duel and well compete fairly on the trial grounds! As long as you defeat me, I have nothing to say!

Li Moying frowned slightly, You want to have a duel with me?

He really didnt expect that there were really such idiots.

Crown Prince did not put much thought into it. If Li Moying really was a waste, would he dare to come out during such an occasion today?

However, the Crown Prince had already lost all rationality and when he saw the frown on Li Moying, he thought that he was scared and couldnt help but feel proud.

Yes! I challenge you to a duel! If you want Imperial Father to grant you this marriage, theres only this way! Of course, you have to follow the rules! Or Do you not dare to? Not even having the guts to accept this challenge, such a cowardly man like you is undeserving of Lier!

The Crown Princes face was full of arrogance and he was looking forward to tearing off Li Moyings calm facade.

However, there was no change in expression on Li Moying, only his eyes seem colder.

He harrumphed and said, Since you are looking forward to death so much, come on!

Im looking for death? The Crown Prince laughed coldly and retorted, Hmph! In the end whos the one thats looking for death? Looks like your feelings for Lier is true, not even caring about your own life! Well, I shall grant you a fast death!

He immediately turned around and headed in the direction of the trial grounds.

Wait. Stop.

Lym called out from behind.

The Crown Prince turned and sneered, Why? Regretting it already? Quickly release Lier and admit that youre in the wrong by kowtowmmph!