Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 301

Chapter 301 : prince Yus Unconventional Courtship 1
Chapter 301 : Prince Yus Unconventional Courtship (1)

In that pair of twinkling charming eyes of his, they seemed to be smiling gently. In a flash, his cold demeanor seemed to have lightened up and his unrestrained smile seemed even more captivating than usual.

When Huang Yueli saw that, she felt her cheeks get warmer and her heart was yelling out foul!

Li Moying laughed teasingly: How do I not know?An engagementnaturally its to get married. Dont tell me you dont know such a simple reason?

Huang Yueli looked back at him, completely stumped.

What are you up to? I thought Ive told you the last time weve met? Didnt I express myself clearly that I dont like you, I dont want to be tommmmf!

The next instance, her lips were blocked.

Li Moying lifted her chin and bit on her lips.

Huang Yueli yelped out in shock, but his tongue had sneaked in and he started to desperately kiss her.

Huang Yueli even tasted blood in her mouth.

This manactually bit her so hard that her lips bled!

Huang Yueli straightened her hands to try to push him away, but Li Moying was unaffected by it and just continued kissing.

Only after a long while did her let go of his little fox whose ears and face were flushed red.

Huang Yueli was heaving in anger as incoherent words came out: YouYou..

When Li Moying saw her fierce glare, he was even more enthralled.

This little girlprobably didnt know that when she was angry and biting her lower lip, she looked very charming.

However, even if she acted all coy and cute again, he wouldnt let things go her way! He wouldnt be soft hearted!

When Li Moying thought back on that moment when she declared that she didnt like him, he felt a tearing pain in his heart.

His eyes turned cold as he exuded an devilish charm and licked his lips.

Little LierIf you let this Lord hear that you dont like me next time, everytime you say it, this Lord will kiss you! Do you understand?

Huang Yueli retorted back angrily, Understand? What crap is that? Youre just a shameless scoundrel!

She then lifted her right hand and a shadowless and formless qi needle flew towards him, and it was aimed towards his most precious part.

Li Moying dodged in the nick of time and avoided the eminent danger and let out a cold sweat.

This little girl, after her advancement, the speed of her flying needles had increased by so many folds! If he wasnt fast enough, he would already be a eunuch!

It seems that he must be more careful in future.

His face darkened and he reached out to her.

Littler Lier, it looks like youve still not remembered what this Lord said just now? Its alright. This Lord dont mind teaching you one more time!

Dont neemmmf!

Li Moying once again touched her soft lips and wanted to give her a deep, lingering kiss.

Huang Yueli struggled with all her might and he could only kiss her chin.

He looked at her with an affectionate gaze and laughed, How is it? Have you understood? Little Lier, what am I to you?

Huang Yueli gnashed her teeth, You are not


Li Moying raised his eyebrows as he leaned closer to her.