Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 303

Chapter 303: prince Yus Unconventional Courtship 3
Chapter 303: Prince Yus Unconventional Courtship (3)

Strange, how did the scenery look so familiar?

Wasnt this the magnificent official road to the palace gates?

Huang Yueli blinked twice in bewilderment. Such a long time had passed, yet they were still at the same place?

Before she could figure out anything, Li Moying had already returned to her side and in his hands held a familiar qin that was made of sycamore wood.

Jade Ice Qin? Huang Yueli exclaimed.

Li Moying placed the qin in front of her as he explained: Youre sure heartless, you actually left the qin that I gave you in the palace. Ive specially instructed Mo Qi to retrieve it.

Huang Yueli finally understood why they were still at the same place despite the long time that had passed, it turned out that they were waiting for Mo Qi.

She lightly traced the intricate yet elaborate pattern on the qin with her fingers, such a fine instrument, she really was quite reluctant to give it up.

It has been such a long time since she had came into contact with a qin of such quality, unfortunately

Huang Yueli pushed the qin back in the direction of Li Moying ad said, Your Highness, Im afraid I cannot accept this qin!

Li Moying frowned. Whats the matter? It was you yourself who had requested Imperial Father to bestow you this qin. Moreover, I have already said that I will give this qin to you. Now, youve changed your mind again?

Huang Yueli replied, Your Highness Prince Yu, this is a keepsake left behind by your Mother, if I had known this was something left for you by your Mother, I wouldnt have opened this mouth of mine

What do you mean?!

Li Moyings face darkened!

He was a clever man, how could he not know what she meant!

This Jade Ice Qin was left by his mother, therefore this small thing must have avoided it at all costs and dared not accept it. She was obviously drawing a clear line between them!

Although he knew that this little girl had not much affection for him, but every time he saw her act in such a clear cut manner, he felt really uneasy.

Dont see Li Moyings cold and aloof demeanor, his strong an imposing majestic manner enchanting eyes and his impeccable face was a lethal weapon that could easily cause people to get frost bitten.

Although Huang Yueli wasnt the least bit affected by his cold and imposing aura, but when she saw his unhappy face, she closed her mouth subconsciously.

She did not know why but when she saw that Li Moying was angry, she felt very uncomfortable and when she saw that this had stemmed from her rejection, she felt even more sad.

Li Moyings intense gaze locked onto her.

Huang Yueli nibbled her lower lip and felt a thread of guilt.

But she told herself that she did not do anything wrong. Since the man she likes is Mu Chengying and she was determined to share her affections with him for life she would not stray off this path.

So, no matter how confused she was, she would not waver! She could not return his affections so unless he had given up pursuing her and just remained purely friends, she would have to give up on him.

The two were stubborn to their bones, so they were deadlocked and stared intensely at each other, but none was willing to budge.

The things that this Lord sends outtheres never been precedence for returns! If you refuse to accept it, then whats the point of holding on to this qin? Its better to destroy it!

For a moment there, Li Moying couldnt bear it but he steeled his heart and with a wave of his hands, he threw the Jade Ice Qin out of the window.

Seeing the exquisite qin was about to be thrown out of the window and be reduced to scrap wood, she threw herself out and caught the Jade Ice Qin.

Li Moying! What are you doing? This qin was painstakingly crafted! How could you destroy such a precious thing on a whim? You cant be such a wastrel! And this is what your mother had left behind for you! How could you throw it out so easily How ungrateful can you be?!

Li Moying snorted coldly and turned his head away.

Of course he couldnt bear to throw away his mothers keepsake, but he knew that this little thing would definitely save the qin.