Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 304

Chapter 304: profound Lunar Spirit Mirror 1
Chapter 304: Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror (1)

How was he so confident? Because, from the very beginning, her gaze had been fixated on the Jade Ice Qin and she was obviously reluctant to part with it.

That was why when he had thrown the qin out, he had suppressed his strength. If it was based on his cultivation level, the qin would have long disintegrated before it even reached the ground and the speed would not have been something Huang Yueli could have caught up with.

Huang Yueli was holding on dearly to the qin and looked begrudgingly at him

Li Moying said indifferently, Anyway, I cant play the qin, either it follows a new owner or accompanies my mother in burial. Is there another choice?

You alright, since you dont care about your mothers keepsake, why should I worry for it in your stead? Ill help you dispose of it!

How could she be scared by him? Just now, when she caught the qin, she knew that she had been played yet again and another wave of anger rose up from within.

After she said her piece, she was prepared to start.

Li Moying saw that she did not get tricked , he could only helplessly block her, Wait a moment! Alright, alright, dont be so rash.

Huang Yueli placed the qin down and turned her head defiantly and gazed at him with a sparkle in her eyes. What else do you have to say?

Li Moying let out a sigh. Since you do not want to receive it for nothing, I do have something that I need your help with. This qin can be your reward for helping me!

When she heard this, Huang Yueli was slightly taken aback.

Youneed my help? Whats the matter?

Li Moying was at least an expert at the fifth degree profound realm, what did he need a first degree profound realms rookie help for?

Li Moying continued, Do you still remember when we first met? I asked you, when can you be promoted to a Fourth Tier Armament Master?

Huang Yueli nodded her head.

Thats because I need someone to help me craft out a fourth tier armament. At that time you were only an ordinary person but you could already craft third tier armaments. Now that your cultivation has increased to a Nine level Qi profound Realm, crafting a fourth tier armament shouldnt pose any difficulty to you, right?

After she could cultivate, she could already craft out fourth tier armaments. More so because of her special physique and she had such a high affinity to fire, coupled with the sacred phoenix fire, she could even craft out fifth tier armaments if really needed.

However, she did not agree to it immediately. She asked suspiciously, Your Highness Prince Yu, this conversation is pretty interesting, a Fourth Tier Armament Master would be hard for a normal person to seek out. But here you are the distinguished expert, any large sects would willingly throw an olive branch to you. Finding a Fourth Tier Armament Master should be an easy task, why do you look for me?

Its because your skills are superb. Theyre the best Ive seen! To be able to make an entire set out of third tier armaments and youre even able to enhance it with additional attributes. Such a divine work of art, really amazes me. Youre the only one Ive seen that can accomplish such a feat! Moreover what I need is extremely important and I need an unparalleled Armament Master to help me in this endeavor.

When Li Moying said this, he wholeheartedly said the truth of the matter.

He looked for her to help him craft his armament not because he fell in love with her at first sight and wanted to bring the little fox home. It was truly because he had admired the fine workmanship and outstanding armaments she crafted.

Sometimes, he thinks that this little fox was unfathomable and was like a huge mystery. In a few mere days, she had jumped from an ordinary person to a genius cultivator of the qi profound realm ninth level. Whats more, where had she learned all the skills of an armament master from?

This little fox obviously hid a lot of secrets!

However, he did not want to force her. He was willing to wait for the day when she would trust him from the depths of her heart and take the initiative to reveal everything to him.