Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 305

Chapter 305: profound Lunar Spirit Mirror 2
Chapter 305: Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror (2)

In actual fact, Huang Yueli also felt pretty mystified.

She had so many secrets yet she had revealed many of them to this man already.

Li Moying was the one and only person who knew that she was an Armament Master, and the only one who knew that just over a week ago, she was really a waste that had zero cultivation. She truly had revealed a lot of her weaknesses to him.

All these weaknesses each of them could very well let her lose her life!

However, the odd thing was, she had never felt worried. In fact, she actually felt even more secure.

It was as though sharing secrets with this man was a very normal thing.

It seems like it was as if she knew that this man here wouldnt divulge any of her secrets. He would never ever hurt her, never betray her.

She sank into contemplation for a moment and nodded her head.

Alright, Ill help you refine an armament. However, you must first tell me what armament do you want?

The Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror, have you heard of this before?

What?! Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror?! Huang Yueli cried out in surprise. You actually want the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror?

Li Moying raised his eyebrows and slowly said, Youve actually heard of it!

The Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror was a profound artifact that was intensely yin in nature. It was mainly used to nourish the soul. Having the Profound Lunar Jade as the main component, supported by various materials of the water and wood attribute, the entire process of crafting this was extremely tedious and it was an intricate process that was very draining.

Not only was it difficult to craft out, only a few people would buy it.

Because the cultivators soul was very powerful, hence the higher the cultivation level is, the stronger the soul is and hence there was no need for cultivators to use this Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror.

In general, the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror was meant for those ordinary people with weak souls, especially so for those with weak constitution. It was especially effective for those who were born with a terminal illness. And it worked much better for women as it was of the yin energy.

However, the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror was at least a Fourth Tier Armament, or a rare spirit artifact. Many armaments of such tier was not easily affordable and ordinary people couldnt afford it.

Due to the unbalanced demand and supply, very few people even knew the existence of such an item, even the knowledge of the methods of refining it has almost been lost.

Most Armament Masters have never even heard of this name in their entire lives.

This was also contributed to her previous lifes knowledge that she knew about it.

Huang Yueli replied, The Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror is not an ordinary artifact, most people dont have the requirement for it, may I know why are you spending so much effort to have it made? Why do you want it for?

Li Moyings lips curled up and chuckled, Lier, are you curious about me? Are you trying to find out more about me and my background? If you acknowledge yourself to be my fiancee, Ill tell you!

Huang Yueli rolled her eyes at him as she coldy replied, Hmph! Trying to trick me again? No way!

A trace of disappointment flashed by his eyes, but he immediately concealed it.

Huang Yueli was a little distracted.

Li Moying obviously diverted the topic and did not want to tell her the use of him seeking the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror was for. However, generally speaking, wasnt this for young women to continue on with their lives?

Which girl was so important for him that he had to expend so much effort to get this Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror, and even requesting her to craft it?

Little thing, why are you in such a daze?

Only then did she come back to her senses. To craft this Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror, the materials needed are very complex, especially the Profound Lunar Jade, it can only be found in deep mines and only the veins that produce spirit jades. Moreover once they leave the spirit vein, they must be refined within an hour, or else it loses its effectiveness. Where are you going to find one?

Li Moying replied, Im not going to hide it from you, truth be told, Ive already found one spirit jade mine. Its just thatIts far from here and its very dangerous. Well, in order for you to craft this Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror, Ill need to trouble you to travel together with me!