Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 307

Chapter 307: profound Lunar Spirit Mirror 4
Chapter 307: Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror (4)

Not only that, his little fox always seem to surprise him.

Each time when he thought that he had unravelled some of her secrets, she was able to tell him that what he had thought initially was only the tip of the iceberg! She was a hundred times more of a gifted genius than he thought she was!

Li Moying affixed his gaze on her beautiful and tender face, and saw the bright sparkle in her eyes. His heart softened yet again.

What was he to do with this little fox? Each time he looked at her she seemed to tug his heartstrings from the depth of his soul.

Huang Yueli felt an intense gaze on her and she quickly changed the topic.

Theres no problem in crafting this armament for you. But for the Jade Ice Qin to be exchanged for a fifth tier armament I seem to be at the losing end? Moreover, Im putting my own life at risk too. Accompanying you on this trip to refine the Profound Lunar Jade is a highly dangerous job!

Her bright doe eyes blinked at him and showed an expression of mixed emotions.

With one look, Li Moying knew that this Little Thing was up to scam people again. Of course, he was more than happy to satisfy her appetite.

Thats right, what would you like in return? Just state all your conditions!

Huang Yueli replied happily, This is what you said! You cannot regret it!

She immediately took out a piece of paper from the same compartment as her beautiful calligraphy started to fly over the entire paper and in no time, a long list was written out.

Li Moying also smiled when he saw her writing so happily and couldnt wait to see what his little fox had requested for.

But the more he read, the more his facial expression started to change.

Because the list was really too long, after Huang Yueli had written out a whole page, she actually took another piece of paper out and continued writing.

Finally, she put the brush down, picked up the two pieces of paper and blew on it. Well, for now, lets start off with these two first.

For now? First?

Li Moying raised his eyebrows and took the lists from her.

On the two pieces of papers, all kinds of materials were written. Most of them were all between the third and fourth grades. Although their grades werent that high, they were a myriad of fantastic oddities of every description., some were even extremely rare.

The oddest thing of it all, these were all not materials for forging, they were all alchemy ingredients!

Li Moying looked at her stumped. His throat went dry as he squeezed out, Little Lier, dont tell me. That you are also an Alchemist?

Huang Yueli smiled sweetly at him, revealing her two sharp little teeth.

I also wish that I am one, but unfortunately I am not one yet.

Notone..yet Li Moying followed her and smiled sweetly. So you mean to say that you arent one now.but will be one in the future?

Well, if Im in the mood to, Ill consider trying.

The requirements to be an Alchemist was extremely harsh and demanding. One needed to first have both the fire and wood attributes. In her past life, she had no affinity with wood, hence she did not try her hand at alchemy.

In this life, she was blessed with an unparalleled physique and had all the attributes. If she wanted to learn alchemy, according to theory, it shouldnt be too difficult.

It just that Huang Yueli knew that to delve oneself into studying too many things, it would easily influence ones cultivation.

In her previous life, between herself and Mu Chengying, their cultivation levels had not much of a difference. However, she had spent too much time and energy on armaments and the moment they broke through the ninth degree realm, in terms of battle strength, even ten of her could not beat him in a duel.

That was why she temporarily had decided not to waste her time on alchemy.

Anyway, the road of an Armament Master was a wealthy one, and their status was no less of an Alchemist. If she wanted any type of pills, she could easily get her hands on one.

Li Moying shook his head wryly, he had no doubts of what she said.

I wonder, in the end, what kind of surprise would you give me?

Huang Yueli lifted her chin up proudly and said, Less nonsense now, quick! Have a look! After youve looked through my list, tell me if you can promise them?