Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 309

Chapter 309: prince Yus Life Experience 1
Chapter 309: Prince Yus Life Experience (1)

She had clearly said that she did not need his help, but he had willingly offered to help her solve the most difficult problem she faced.

Why was he doing his? She was really not worth him doing so much for her!

Because, she already has someone in her heart and could not respond to his feelings.

Li Moying smiled, How? Are you moved? If you feel touched, you know how to repay me.

Saying which, he hooked his hand around her willow waist and his handsome face approached her. Their two noses seemed to have touched and their breathes could be clearly felt on each other.

Huang Yueli knew that the man wanted to kiss her and she felt that she should not let this misunderstanding happen anymore.

But at this moment, it was as if she had yet again been struck at her acupoint and she couldnt move.

Li Moying came closerand closer.

Just as that soft and sensual lip was about to touch hers, there was a sound from outside the carriage.

Reporting to the Lord, we have already reached the outskirts of the city, would the Lord and Miss Bai be alighting?

Huang Yueli felt as if she had just been roused from a dream and fiercely struck his chest and pushed him away.

Damn it!

Li Moying was struck on his chest, although he wasnt injured, but it was still quite painful because no matter what, Huang Yueli was now a Ninth Level Qi Profound Realm Cultivator. Her strength was much more than before.

He let out a sigh, he really wanted to hack that idiot who ruined his moment! That moron Mo Si had spoilt everything!

So close!

Almost! Just a bit more and this would have been the moment that his little fox had willingly accepted his kiss! It was no longer one sided. It would have been the first affectionate kiss between his little fox and him!

Just great, now that the little fox has reeled back, to let her be good and let him kiss her, he really didnt know when would that ever happen!

Huang Yueli pulled up the curtains and was surprised. Where are we? Werent you sending me home? Why have you brought me to such a place?

It wasnt her making a mountain out of a molehill and trying to pull a fuss, but this place was really

The place the carriage was brought to a stop to was the barren hillside cemetery in the outskirts of the city!

Whats more, it was almost night. It was dark and the sky was overcast, as a cold howling wind eerily blew by. There were little specks of light that littered the surroundings as they glowed brilliantly.

If it was another girl, shell definitely breakdown and cry.

Was there something wrong with Li Moyings head? Even if he did not want to send her homewell, she had never heard of anyone bringing a girl to the graveyard for a date.

The smile on Li Moyings face had faded and he quietly looked out the window.

When did I ever say thatI was sending you home?


Come, Ill take you to a place.

Li Moying held her hand and led her out of the carriage.

Huang Yueli struggled initially but after a few attempted, she stopped and could only helplessly follow him.

Outside the carriage, all his personal guards stood at rapt attention on each side in a sombre respect.

Li Moying zoomed in and glared at Mo Si.

After receiving that deathly glare from Li Moying, Mo Si couldnt help but a cold chill ran down his spine. But he was still clueless, whenever the carriage arrived at its destination, it had always been their practice to announce to the Lord. He really didnt know what he did wrong!

Li Moying lead Huang Yueli off the beaten track as they trudged along a small rocky path without any light.

Until at last after heading to the edge of the northeast corner of the cemetery, Li Moying finally came to a stop.

Huang Yueli looked around her surroundings and found that it was a very luxurious grave in front of them. Although it wasnt very big, but the tombstone was made entirely out of Snow Gold Stone and it reached up to ten feet. Even the steps were constructed out of Snow Gold Stone!

Snow Gold Stone was a fourth tier material for armaments! To lay such a large area was absolutely astronomical. This tomb definitely belonged to someone who had extraordinary origins.