Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 311

Chapter 311: prince Yus Life Experience 3
Chapter 311: Prince Yus Life Experience (3)

Huang Yuelis heart skipped a beat, in her vision, she seems to see a small and lonely Li Moying, with his weak and frail stature. He was pushed down over again and again by the Crown Prince who was much stronger than him.

This image made her heart wince in pain.

Hmph! No wonder Ive said it before, that the Empress and Crown Prince are both not good things! Theyve actually bullied you before! I will help you get your revenge! Ill make sure they will reap their rightful rewards!

Huang Yueli huffed angrily as she declared the words that were in her heart.

Li Moying was actually feeling down and emotional, he didnt expect that when he heard her words, he could not help but laugh.

Youyoure really a ferocious little fox! Nope, more like a tigress! ButI like it!

Li Moying! Who did you say was a tigress?! Huang Yueli looked at him with puffed up cheeks.

Under the cascading moonlight, it illuminated her little angry face. Yet this miraculously washed away all his unhappiness and pain that had been buried in his heart. It was as if they were blown away by the wind.

But. Huang Yueli found it strange as she tilted her head in query, With your current cultivation, you could have easily dealt with that horrid Mother and Son pair, why should you need to endure and put up with them?

Its because my Imperial Mother still loved my Imperial Father deeply, so her last words to me was to vow that no matter I am not allowed to harm my siblings, or else my Imperial Father would be sad.

When he said that, he let out a long and deep sigh.

His Imperial Mother was really too silly, it wasnt worth it to do it to this point.

Ah? Huang Yueli exclaimed out, But just now in the banquet hall, youve beaten the Crown Prince to such a state.

Li Moying furrowed his brows and laughed coldly, So what? If he did anything else, I would have let it pass, but he wanted to snatch my woman! If I could still endure, can I still call myself a man?

Stop talking nonsense! Im not your woman!

Although her face was scowling, in her heart she felt warm.

This man just because of a simple promise to his mother, he had spent all these years living such a tragic life, being constantly pushed about by his other siblings, bullied and scorned by all. He could actually still endure all these humiliations but when because of her, he revealed his own strength

No wonder, he was so emotional today and had came over to his mothers tombstone even at such an hour.

Im sorry, I made you go back on your vow. Huang Yueli softly said as she looked at him meekly.

Li Moying looked back at her, this time his eyes were filled with gentleness.

I dont blame you. Ive long lost my tolerance to those idiots! After showing my hand today, it was clear that I should have not waited till this day! I should have beaten them up much earlier! Its such a waste that today we were pressed for time and I didnt use much strength!

Huang Yueli laughed gleefully and added, Yup! Ive also thought that your punches were too light! Next time well go together and beat them up till their own mother cant recognize them!

Alright! Its a promise!

The two of them joked and laughed, under this dark and bleak environment.

When they were about to leave, Li Moying knelt down respectfully and kowtowed a few times to his mothers tombstone.

Huang Yueli followed suit in paying her respects.

When Li Moying stood up, he saw her and couldnt help but laugh, Why? Have you finally acknowledged that you are this Lords fiancee and youre paying respects to your future mother-in-law?

Huang Yueli couldnt be bothered and rolled her eyes at him.

Its because Ive taken Lady Mingfeis Jade Ice Qin, so Im thanking her for it! Please do not let your imagination run wild!

Li Moyings laughed and suddenly lowered his head and stole a kiss.

Before she could freak out, he retreated swiftly and laughed very happily like a cat that had just stolen a fish.