Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 313

Chapter 313: prince Yus Life Experience 5
Chapter 313: Prince Yus Life Experience (5)

No, its not like this!

The Empress desperately wanted to wash herself clean of these accusations.

That was that bastar..It was Prince Yus own ramblings! We have never done such things to him before! Its all his own shameless accusations! Your Majesty should not believe such nonsense

The Emperor looked at her with an even colder gaze.

Is it nonsense? You know it in your heart! Zhen has already found the nanny in the Minghua Palace to verify everything!

The Empress quivered in fear and fell to the ground.

The Emperor glanced at her and said, Todays matter was all brought about by Mojuns own undoing! You dont need to push the blame to others! But no matter what, Mojun is still my son, I will not leave him to fend for himself. Ive already sent people to head over to Sky Cloud City to look for the Soul Revolutions Pill that the Imperial Doctor has mentioned. No matter what the price, we will get it! Stop continuing to shame me youd better get a grip on yourself!

As soon as the Emperor left, the Empress collapsed and cried.


Suddenly, she heard the faint voice of Li Mojun.

The empress rushed to the side of the bed, Mojun, how are you?

Imperial mothercough.cough

The Crown Prince coughed a few times and struggled to speak: I hopeImperial Father finds the pill is unrealistic butwe have no choiceImperial Mother must..quickly write to seventh sisterreturn to the kingdom

Tianer? The Empress was surprised.

Seventh Princess Li Tianer was also the only other child the Empress had, she was the Crown Princes own blood sister, both were outstanding geniuses.

Maybeshe has ..cough cough..a way

How could it possibly be? Your talent is higher than her, moreover you are the core disciple of Celestial Light Academy, but even you arent able to get your hands on the Soul Revolutions Pill. Your sister just entered the academy last year, her level isnt even like yours, what ways would she have?

There was a hint of hope in the Crown Princes eyes.

Imperial Mother..doesnt know that she isan Armament Masters disciple

The Empress had all along been in South Yue Kingdom and did not know how rare and illustrious an Armament Master was.

Although, the princess was less talented than her brother, but because of her potential to become an Armament Master, even in Celestial Light Academy, she was a highly regarded disciple. Moreover, she was accepted as a disciple by a Fourth Grade Armament Master in the Academy.

A Fourth Grade Armament Master! What luck and prestige was this?

Although Li Tianer still did not have such a high status, but for her Master to get his hands on a fifth tier pill for his beloved disciple wouldnt pose much difficulty.

The Empress did not understand what was so great about being an Armament Masters disciple but nevertheless, once she heard her sons affirmation, she immediately agreed.

Alright, Mojun. Ill go write to your sister so go and have a good rest!


On the other hand, Huang Yueli had stayed an entire night with Li Moying at the cemetery. Only until the first rays of sun streaked through the clouds did Li Moying send her home.

The carriage stopped in front of her yard.

The moment Huang Yueli opened the door, her eyes widened in horror.

What? What is all this? How are there so many people?

In front of her courtyard, it was bustling with activity as the entire entrance was packed with various carriages and sedans. Many different nobles were wearing their best and crowded around the doors, pleading with the guards to let them in.

This Big Brother, please let me in, I just want to meet with Third Miss and apologize to her in person!

Yeah! That year, this Young Lady wasnt sensible and once said something disrespectful to Third Miss. As her Mother, I have to make sure this ignorant girl will face up to her mistakes and apologize to Third Miss!