Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 316

Chapter 316: the Master Of The Manor 3
Chapter 316: The Master of the Manor (3)

Bai Liu Jings face cramped up for a second there, but he quickly changed back to his smiley face in the blink of an eye.

Ha ha ha, regarding Qiers matterShe herself has to be responsible. Well talk about this another time, another time. Come here, Lier, quickly sit down. Second Uncle has specially brought over this years most prized famous tea! One small box costs a hundred silver! Come and try it!

He behaved as if he was in his own home serving an important guest.

His act of a good uncle really made one nauseous.

Huang Yueli stood at the same spot and scoffed. Second Uncle, if you arent here about Second Sisters matter, coming over uninvited, so to what do I owe the pleasure?

Tsk tsk, you little girl!

Bai Liu jing called out in an exaggerated manner. We are a family and I am your own uncle! Cant I just come over to visit? Ive especially came all this way to visit you, youve really misunderstood your uncle.

Oh? Huang Yueli had on an indifferent expression.

Bai Liu Jing almost couldnt hold onto this facade any longer, but with regards to all the rumours that had spread from the Palace, he still had to work harder.

That damn girl was actually a Sixth Grade Talent and had been hailed as South Yues number one! It was a matter of time for such geniuses to soar into the skies, it wasnt something he could prevent.

Of course, she was still young, but if based solely on her talent, her current strength was still not very strong. But her luck was really too shocking; she was even engaged to Prince Yu! Moreover, looking at their intimate behaviour at the door just now, it looks like this girls position in Prince Yus heart isnt just ordinary!

Without the knowledge of Prince Yus exact talent or cultivation, but at such a young age, he could already defeat the Imperial Tutor.

Just great, now that this damn girl has the backing of Prince Yu and she now stood in the limelight. He really regretted that all these years, their relationship had been throttled to such an extent. If he doesnt quickly try to recover and build up their relationship, he was afraid shed come back knocking for revenge.

Thinking about this, Bai Liu Jing decided to throw away all his pride and ego and rush head on!

Lier, first of all, Second Uncle came to congratulate you on gaining the first place at the Peach Blossom Banquet! Also congratulations on your engagement to Prince Yu! This truly is a such a blessing for our family! Second Uncle must definitely throw a big banquet for you to celebrate it!

Huang Yueli only replied patronizingly, Ha ha!

Bai Liu Jing didnt seem to mind and continued, Theres also another matter, the last time you had mentioned about taking over all the businesses that Big Brother had left behind. As he has too many businesses, its also very troublesome to take stock. But Second Uncle had worked through the entire night to sort out all the accounts. Here it is, quick, come and take a look!

Immediately after, Bai Liu Jing took out a stack of account books and passed it to her.

Huang Yueli flipped through them casually and realised that Bai Liu Jing was very generous! It seemed that he had handed her almost all the shops that the family owned!

What was even more rare was that these shops were all still raking in profits!

According to her understanding, over the past few years, some shops had been losing money. In the span of one night, Bai Liu Jing had turned them all into profits. He must have dug deep into his own pockets and threw in a large sum into these accounts.

Wow, he really was willing.

Huang Yueli took the account books and deeds. She smiled lazily and slowly said, The performance of these shops arent too bad, its been hard on you all these years Second Uncle.

Its not too hard, not too hard at all! Our Bai Family have reached such a position this day, isnt it all due to Big Brothers contribution? I can only manage them well to live up to my brothers expectations!