Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 317

Chapter 317: the Master Of The Manor 4
Chapter 317: The Master of the Manor (4)

Bai Liu Jing had said it all so naturally that even Huang Yueli had to admire his thick skin, it was thicker than the wall!

After he had finished speaking, Huang Yueli slowly said, It looks like Second Uncle speaks with reason. Since thats the case, our Wu Wei Manor was built on my Fathers accomplishments, so its natural for it to be passed to his next generation. Last time, my health wasnt too good and was always recuperating here, so have left the manor for Second Uncle to temporarily stay in. Well, Im fine now, and have thought about going back to the main house to stay. Second Uncle, please go back and pack your stuff and prepare to move!


Bai Liu Jing had never expected that he had already took so many steps back and yet this wretched girl still did not give him any leeway and wanted to evict them!

Her Aunt could take it no longer and screamed out. Bai Ruoli! Dont push your luck! Now that you are powerful and even have Prince Yu as your backer, but no matter what, he is still your blood related kin! Hes your uncle! Moreover, your uncles title of the Marquis of the Wu Wei Manor was personally decreed by the Emperor! What qualifications do you have to drive us out?!

Just relying on my Fathers name Bai Liu Feng! Huang Yueli sneered.

Second Aunt, make a guess, if I were to go to the Emperor and ask him to remove Uncles Marquis position, do you think hell do it?

Bai Liu Jing could not help but grimace as cold sweat trickled down his forehead.

He had been reprimanded severely by the Emperor yesterday, and was scorned for not taking good care of his niece.

He had no doubt that if Huang Yueli really went to seek audience with the Emperor and requested for his position to be removed, the Emperor would listen to her!

Bai Liu Jing quickly interjected, Ill move! Ill move!

Huang Yueli raised an eyebrow. This uncle of hers was pretty discerning, if thats the case, she wont continue oppressing him. After all, if the other party doesnt fight back, it was pretty boring.

But alas, her Second Aunt shrieked out yet again.

Bai Ruoli! Youre really vicious and merciless! You are treating your uncle this way? Your Second Sister has already been harmed so horribly by you! Shes still in jail and no ones allowed to visit! You do not care about family ties! People are watching! The Heavens are watching! Youre so malicious, there will definitely be retribution!

Huang Yuelis expression immediately darkened.

What Aunt said is absolutely right! Lier also believes in karma! Second Sister has today, was all because at the Peach Blossom Banquet, she let me drink a cup of wine. I think Second Aunt shouldnt be so forgetful and should know what was in that wine?

Her Second Aunt trembled as she looked at her in fear and shock.

This wretched girl! She knows everything!

Bai Liu Jing saw that displeasure was written all over Bai Ruolis face and he immediately turned and slapped his wife.

Enough! You ignorant fool! How did you teach your daughter?! Still have the cheek to say it out? This situation Qier is in was all brought about by you! You only have yourself to blame! With Liers temperament, how could she not value family ties?

Huang Yueli let out a mocking smile.

Although Bai Liu Jing had phrased it very nicely, but there was an underlying meaning that she was generous and wanted her to lift her noble hand to help out Bai Ruoqi.

Unfortunately, Bai Ruoqi had repeatedly provoked her and had riled her up.

This matterwouldnt be let off so easily!

Huang Yueli was too lazy to continue watching their drama and she raised her voice and shouted out: Come, send Master back to his residence!


Three days later.

Huang Yueli woke up early and Prince Yus carriage was already waiting for her outside.

During these three days, she had been in seclusion as she prepared for the arduous journey that awaited at Dark Moon Forest.