Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 322

Chapter 322: she Is My Fiancee 5
Chapter 322: She is My Fiance (5)

Everyone likes to listen to nice words, Huang Yueli was no exception.

Theres a saying of reaching out and not to hit a smiling face.

Originally Murong Ni was so arrogant, she still wanted to teach the little girl, let her know that she wasnt one to be messed with.

However, Luo Jiyun had spoken so well and had even taken the initiative to introduce himself. This way, it wasnt very appropriate to flare up now.

At this moment, Mo Yi came over and whispered a reminder: Master, the time is no longer early, its better that we enter Dark Moon Forest as soon as possible because we must reach the first stop by this evening.

Li Moying only replied with a mmn and turned away.

Not forgetting to keep his arms wrapped around Huang Yueli as he lead her away.

If it was usual, Huang Yueli would have definitely thrown his arms away, but looking at Murong Nis angered and stifled expression, she became very cooperative and followed him like a good girl.

To enter Dark Moon Forest, one would have to join the meandering queue.

However, Li Moying simply took out a token and flashed it to the guard and they were immediately granted access without needing to queue.

The location of the Spirit Jade Vein was sought out in advance.

In the Dark Moon Forest, the veins that were relatively close to the human settlements had long been explored by all the major families.

Therefore, the newly discovered Spirit Jade vein was far away from where they were. Moreover, the location wasnt very safe, it was right smacked in the midst of the tier five magical beast settlement.

Among them, the outer zone was where the lower levelled magical beasts resided in, very rarely would tier two or higher magical beasts appear in this area. Majority of the people who came to this zone were the mercenary groups or students that were here to gain experience.

The middle zone consisted mainly of tier three and four magical beasts. This place was frequented by the stronger mercenary groups.

The inner zone were where the fifth tier and sixth tiered magical beasts resided in. Only the well-known mercenary groups that were high ranked dared to venture in on the premise of receiving a large fee to risk their lives.

The innermost zone was also the restricted zone where magical beasts that were tier seven and could be found. If one wasnt a peerless expert who was very confident in his own strength, one wouldnt venture into this area to throw his own life away.

Usually, only is such situations where one would engage in battle with such magical beasts was that the expert must be several times higher! As magical beasts physiques differed from a human, their bodies were insanely strong and their defense almost impenetrable. Their strength were a few times stronger than a cultivators!

In general, the fighting power of a magical beast was much higher than a cultivator of the same rank by a large margin. A cultivator had to be one realm higher to ensure victory against the magical beast.

This Spirit Jade Vein that Li Moying had his eyes on was located within the boundaries where the fifth tiered magical beasts were, meaning that it was located in the inner zone of the Dark Moon forest.

With so little people and to venture into this dangerous zone, if it was a normal group, it would be extremely dangerous.

However, not a shred of nervousness or fear was on Li Moyings face and his expression remained indifferent. Even Luo Jiyun and Murong Ni strolled on in a nonchalant manner.

Of course Huang Yueli also had no worries as she believed that Li Moying would not do something that he was not confident in.

Moving together in this group of seven, they walked according to the direction marked on the map and went deeper and deeper into the forest.

On their journey, Murong Ni had on a sulky face throughout and kept sending dagger glares to Huang Yueli.

Even more so after Li Moying was showering his affection on her, she looked as if her eyes could spit out fire.

From time to time, Luo Jiyun would also find an opportunity to converse with Huang Yueli. He was also very curious about this fiance of his Senior Brother who seemingly fell from the sky.