Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 323

Chapter 323: murong Nis Provocation 1
Chapter 323: Murong Nis Provocation (1)

Luo Jiyun was a very friendly and amiable person which made him a very good person to have a conversation with.

From their conversations, Huang Yueli learned a lot about Li Moying.

In this group, Luo jiyun and Murong Ni were his fellow disciples, the three of them were all from a large sect, however the name of the sect was intentionally glossed over by Luo Jiyun.

Huang Yueli wasnt too surprised, having their geniuses travelling outside was a huge risk on its own, if they were discovered by their enemies before they had fully grown, the enemies might send a some experts to wipe them out.

That was why, for such sensitive topics, discretion was practised and it was normal to be so secretive.

Luo Jiyun turned eighteen this year and had just broken through to the fifth degree realm. Murong Ni was only sixteen but her cultivation was at the fourth degree realm!

A sixteen year old fourth degree realm, just the thought of it was shocking.

However, Murong Ni was from a large sect and these large sects had their own means and ways to cultivate their geniuses.

In general, one starts to cultivate at the age of ten, however, these large sects would have started picking all the talents at the tender age of five or six and start cultivating them.

After one has successful led the qi into the body, the next step would be a lavish way by splurging on large doses of herbs and medicines as if money was not needed at all. In addition, theres also other methods such as arrays and these extravagant ways these large sects with resources are able to boost the speed of cultivation and it was at least three to five times faster than that of a normal cultivator!

Following the notions behind, Murong Ni is estimated to be at most a sixth grade talent, or perhaps just a higher fifth grade talent.

Mo Yi, Mo Er and Mo San were all experts of the fifth degree realm, however, they were relatively older in age, so they couldnt be considered to be talented geniuses.

As for Li Moyings cultivation. He had actually reached the sixth degree of the earth profound realm and he was at the ninth level! This meant that he was only a step away from the seventh degree realm!

This was by far the most shocking news that Huang Yueli had heard!

Due to the fact that Li Moying was only twenty years old a twenty year old sixth degree realm of the ninth level was simply unfathomable, even that years Mu Chengying could not reach such a height!

What kind of talent did he possess? A ninth grade talent?

Even Huang Yuelis previous life wasnt as heaven defying as this.

From this moment, Huang Yuelis gaze towards Li Moying had changed a little.

For a genius that could be found one in millions, no wonder his personality was strong and overbearing, as it stands, those with real strength had the right!

Li Moying saw her wide eyes and laughed, How is it? Have you finally realized that you must not miss this opportunity to get such a grand match? Come quickly into this Lords embrace and I promise to properly cherish you!

Tsk, its also nothing extraordinarily amazing!

Huang Yueli scoffed and haughtily snubbed him as she turned her head away.

Li Moyings lips raised to smile, his eyes full of affection.

He knew this little fox wasnt bragging, he had witnessed with his own eyes a person without any cultivation, suddenly transformed into a Qi Profound Realm and moreover of the ninth stage!

Although he did not know how did she had came to achieve such a feat, but one thing is for sure, she was definitely an incredibly talented genius!

However, to others who heard it, it held a different meaning.

After a short while, Mo Yi who was leading the group met some trouble and called Li Moying over.

Murong Ni took this opportunity and walked over and scoffed. Yue Li, isnt your skin is a little too thick? Or is it just that you havent seen the world? Do you know what a twenty year old sixth degree realm at the ninth level represents? Youre actually showing contempt? But then again, you are just but a waste from a countryside, not knowing is normal!

Huang Yueli stopped in her tracks as a smile full of ridicule emerged.

Im a waste? That means to say that your cultivation is very high?