Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 326

Chapter 326: murong Nis Provocation 4
Chapter 326: Murong Nis Provocation (4)

Murong Nis whip landed onto thin air.

However, the dagger array had arrived in front of her.

Eighteen flying daggers were incredibly fast and came at her in all directions, sealing all her escape routes.

Murong Ni only saw a glints of silver flashing and there was no time to dodge.

Ah-! Help!

By the time she shrieked, she was already sent flying back.

Thud thud thud thud thud-

A continuous round of thuds resounded and Murong Ni had slammed into a thousand year old tree trunk behind.

All eighteen flying daggers, without exception, pierced through her clothes and nailed her to the trunk. It was the huge momentum, the driving force of that powerful array that had sent her flying back.

Fortunately for Murong Ni, right behind her was a big tree and once the daggers had stabbed into the trunk, the entire array stopped.

However, she was looking very sorry at this very moment, as her hands and legs were sprawled side apart and hung on the trunk like a dead pig.

When she could not avoid the attack in time, she had expected to have a few daggers in her body. It wasnt easy to manage to escape unscathed, but when she found herself in such a humiliating predicament, she felt ashamed and immediately flared up.

Yue Li! You.. you you dare.. you actually dare to launch a sneak attack on me? Such a vicious move! Senior Brother, look! Youve finally seen her true face! You cannot be deceived by this vicious woman anymore!

Huang Yueli looked at her with ridicule as she laughed, I finally got to see it first hand, what it means for a thief to call another thief. It was obviously you who first attacked and now youre saying such things?

If it wasnt a sneak attack, how could you have got me? Its clearly you who was jealous of me and snuck up..

Enough! Murong Ni! What did I warn you this morning? Since you have completely disregarded my words, then go back straight to the sect! Liyun! Take her back for me!

Once Murong Ni heard it, she was anxious and cried out.

Senior Brother, how could you be on her side.

Li Moyings lips curled up, his eyes were cold. But when he turned to Huang Yueli, his gaze turned extremely gentle, as if a thousand year old glacier had melted.

Lier is my fiance, if Im not on her side, who should I side with?

Huang Yueli felt a thread of warmth in her heart.

This mantrusted her unconditionally and would always stand on her side.

She turned to look at him and was attracted by the light in his eyes.

However, Murong Ni shrieked out loud again and struggled, interrupting that special moment between the two.

Im not going! Im wont go back! Put me down!

Huang Yueli said coldly, Miss Murong, let me remind you that although your clothes are woven from cloud silkworms which are stronger than ordinary clothes, however no matter what, it is still a fabric! If you continue to struggle, it might tear and you might end up streaking!

When Murong Ni heard this, she shuddered and did not dare to move an inch thereafter.

Yes, if her clothes tear she would be fully exposed!

Other than Li Moying, there were four other men here!

Murong Ni thought about showing such a disgraceful matter to the man that she had been secretly in love with for so long, and her confidence crumbled. Adding on to the fact that Li Moying held no sympathy for her but was so gentle towards Huang Yueli.

This hateful contrast in treatment really made her want to vomit blood.

Her beautiful big eyes had already turned red by now but she still had no way to take down this hateful fiance of his!

Li Moying did not even look back once as he affectionately led Huang Yueli off along as Mo Yi, Mo Er and Mo San followed behind as they continued on to their destination.