Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 327

Chapter 327: murong Nis Provocation 5
Chapter 327: Murong Nis Provocation (5)

Only Luo Jiyun stayed behind and helped to pull the daggers out for Murong Ni.

It wasnt easy for Murong Nis feet to finally touch the ground. A cold gust of wind blew past and she shuddered from the chill.

After a moment did she then notice that her clothes had long been riddled with cuts and many parts had revealed her fair skin beneath.

She suddenly felt very shy and awkward as a cold glint flashed by her eyes.

Yue Li the fox demoness who seduced my Senior Brother. Youre simply too much! I will not let you go!

Luo Jiyun frowned. Junior Sister, havent you had enough? Do you seriously think that everyone couldnt see? This time it was definitely you who had started it right?

YouFifth Brother, youre also not gonna stand on my side?

Murong Nis eyes were moist, never had she expected that even the best tempered Brother amongst them disciples also reproached her.

This is not a matter of whose side who is on, but its just blatantly obvious alright? Luo Jiyun couldnt help but sigh. Sister-in-laws cultivation is lower than yours by a huge margin, why would she take the initiative to provoke you? Besides, if she really wants to bully you, all she needs to do is to complain to Senior Brother. Theres no need for her to take such a huge risk and do it herself.

What Sister-in-law?! She is not worthy of Senior Brother! Murong Ni rebuked.

Luo Jiyun replies, Whether or not shes worthy, its not for us to say. Since Senior Brother has decided then we just need to respect his decision. Moreover her talent is also not considered very bad

Alright alright alright, Ive seen thought you already. You are just saying whatever the wind direction blows in! Since you are not going to help me, then just go away! No matter what, I would not let Senior Brother continue to be misled by that seductress!

Murong Ni clenched her fists in determination and turned to chase them.


Luo Jiyun pulled her back. Dont go trouble Senior Brother any further, if he really gets angry, he wouldnt even recognize any familial ties! Its not as if youve never witnessed him when he starts killing!

But I am his Masters daughter, hes only scaring me, he wouldnt really do anything to me! Murong Ni raised her chin up resolutely.

She was very confident on this fact.

Thinking back, if it wasnt for her father who had recognized Li Moyings talent who then was only a forsaken sickly prince left to die in the cold palace, he would have died years back!

It could also be said that her father, Murong Canghui was a father figure to Li Moying.

Li Moyings personality may be cold, however, even if he does not say anything but from his actions, it could be seen that he had highly respected Murong Canghui. He always listened to the wishes of Murong Canghui and was more indulgent to his two daughters.

Heyyou! Forget it, no matter what, I do not dare go against Senior Brother, follow me back to the sect!

I wont go! Let go of me!

Im not letting go!

The two of them continued on, stuck in this stalemate.

Luo Jiyuns cultivation was higher than hers and with him in her way, she couldnt pass through.

Murong Ni bit her lower lip as she looked at him with her big doe eyes. Fifth Brother, I was wrong. I promise that I wont go and find anymore trouble with Yue Li! But the place that Senior Brother wants to go to is very deep within the Dark Moon Forest and its fraught with danger. I must go and help him! You also know that with my capabilities, I am definitely a huge help to him!

Luo Jiyun was stunned for a moment.

That right..this girl here was also a

If it wasnt for her special ability, Senior Brother would never have brought her along.

If they were just to leave like this, would they harm Li Moyings party instead?

While he was still hesitating and deep in thought, Murong Ni made use of this opportunity while he was distracted and slipped past him and flew ahead.