Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 328

Chapter 328: second Rank Array Master 1
Chapter 328: Second Rank Array Master (1)

After getting rid of Murong Ni, they continued to move deeper into the forest, venturing towards the inner zone.

Huang Yueli stopped in her tracks as she turned her head back and looked. There was not a shadow of Murong Ni at all.

Li Moying saw that she hadnt kept up and he looked back and asked with concern, what happened?

Huang Yueli looked at him and blinked, Dont you want to know what happened just now? How did all that come about?

Li Moying replied very naturally, I may not know what happened but I do know that you are someone who wouldnt waste your energy unnecessarily to pick a fight with others. It was definitely Nier who provoked you. Since she started it, she deserves to be beaten!

Huang Yueli couldnt resist and her lips curled up as she smiled smugly.

Li Moying, has anyone told you that you are a very biased man?

Nope, Im only bias to you alone. But. If you are touched, you can give me a kiss as a thank you.

Li Moying looked at her with his pair of mesmerizing eyes, as his face came closer and closer to her, trying to get her to plant a kiss on her own.

But alas, Huang Yueli did not fall for this and shot him a death glare as she quickly chased after Mo Yi.

When Mo Yi saw her, his expression turned a little strange, he had turned back a few times, each time it was as if he wanted to say something but he held back.

Huang Yueli thought that he was behaving strangely but she persisted in not asking, finding joy in watching him. Whenever he restrained himself, he looked like he just had a huge battle within. This, to her was hilarious and her own form of entertainment.

Finally, Mo Yi could not hold it back any longer

Mistresscough, no, I mean Third Miss.

When he saw her narrow her eyes dangerously at him, he quickly changed the way he addressed her.

That is Third Miss. Please dont argue with Miss Murong. Her personality is brashbecause our Sect Master dotes excessively on her. However, in this Dark Moon Forest, her ability is very important, if we let her go back just like this, I am afraid that we might meet with some danger


Mo Yi had yet to finish his words when Li Moying interjected.

Who allowed you to be so noisy in front of Lier? Since when did you have a say in this Lords decision?

Mo Yi remained quiet.

However this aroused the curiosity in Huang Yueli as she tugged at his sleeves and asked, What ability does she have thats so special?

Nothing important. Li Moying replied.

Huang Yueli raised her eyebrows and pressed on, Actually, if she is really important, its fine if you let her join us. Anyway, what is of utmost importance is to find the Profound Lunar Jade. Anyway, I can just ignore her and wont waste my time on idiots. I dont want to affect any of your plans.

Its really not important, I dont want you to be unhappy.

Huang Yueli replied, I wont be unhappy.

If Murong Ni was to follow them, the unhappy person would be Murong Ni herself. Towards such unruly, self-opinionated, haughty yet simple minded people, Huang Yueli had many ways to deal with them. She was only afraid that Murong Ni would run home crying.

However, Li Moying remained firm on his stance and Huang Yueli did not persuade him any further.

As evening approached, they reached a large clearing and they started to prepare to set camp.

Dark Moon Forest was the most dangerous at night. All kinds of powerful magical beasts would roam the forest at night. Even for someone like Li Moying had to be extra vigilant. They had to make use of whatever time they had before the sun sets to make the necessary preparations.

Just as Mo Yi, Mo Er and Mo San started to set up a tent, two figures approached them, one running, another chasing.

Hoohooofinally caught up to you!

When she saw Li Moying, Murong Ni brightened up and ran over to him.