Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 33

Chapter 33 the Little Phoenix Wang Cai
Chapter 33 The little phoenix Wang Cai

She had just bought two meat buns from a roadside vendor and had broken off some to give it to him. As she tried to feed him, he gave her a loathing gaze before diving unsteadily into her cloak.

Cheep! Cheep! Cheep! Cheep! Cheep!

Furious, the little phoenix slapped one of its wings.

What was those trashy things? It a noble and respectful ancient beast. How could it possibly eat something was made from unknown sewer oil or meat from some random corpse?

Yesterday when it had spit out that ball of fire, he had exhausted quite a bit of energy. She had agreed to let him eat meat, but how could she take something like to pass him off!

Eyebrows arched, Huang Yue Li asked him: Meat buns do not have meat? Being so picky at such a young age will stunt your growth. You tell me, if you cant put a meat bun in your eyes, what do you want to eat?

Arrogantly raising his head, the little phoenix proclaimed: Cheep! Cheep!

Just a few fifth level Gale Birds stewed in soup as well some seventh level spirit attributed herbs. Dont be stingy with the soy sauce as you simmer and fry them!

Her hands grabbing his neck, Huang Yue Li lifted him up and maliciously smiled: Fifth level demonic beasts, seventh level herbs. Your wishes are quite extravagant arent they? I think it would be better for me to turn you into chicken soup for tonight. This way, I wont have to waste food on you!

Cheep-! !

The feathers on the little phoenixs body all stood up.

F***, this woman was too scary! dare she treat such a respectable and noble race like this?? She dared to compare him to a chicken, whilst alsoalso considered eating him??

Huang Yue Li continued: What? This elder sister cant even afford her own meals now, yet you hope to eat demonic beasts? Lets talk about it when we earn money. Otherwise I will just sell you for money!

Speaking to this point, she squatted down and her eyes brightened. Eye glittering, she looked at the little phoenix.

Cold sweat formed on the pitiful little phoenix instantly.

That sinister gaze he was far too familiar with. Once this female devil revealed this type of expression, it showed she was up to no good, ah? She she shewhat did she want to do?

Hehe. Today is the first day that I am coming out to do business, definitely must be auspicious. I can see that your body feathers are a full golden colour and quite festive looking. SoI will call you Zuo Wang Cai!

(TLN: Zuo Wang Cai means: Zuo make, Wang prosperous, Cai riches.the poor phoenix. Basically being called moneymaker)

Cheep! Cheep! Cheep! Cheep! Cheep! Cheep!! ! ! ! ! !

What? What are you going to call this Little Lord? This Little Lord has a name! I dont want to be called some Wang Cai? ? That name is what the dogs will use!

Its just a shame, he just was the size of a small ball, unable to resist at all. Huang Yue Li was still beaming happily: Repeating Wang Cai six times, smoothly succeeding. The number six is a good number, as expected it is auspicious. Continue repeating it, bring more prosperity for this elder sister.

(TLN: In the chinese liu 6 sound similar to flow. So it would mean that riches would come flowing over unhindered.)

The little phoenix was so angered that the feathers on his head were standing up straight. Determined to not say it any more.

Whats the matter? Youre not repeating it anymore? Could it be that you really didnt develop well?

Feeling emotional, Huang Yue Li shook her head and tucked him back into her sleeve. With big strides, she walked towards Thousand Treasure Pavilion.

Thousand Treasure Pavilion.

Inside the VIP area, Shopkeeper Sun was currently serving an esteemed customer.

Master Yan, you have graced our Thousand Treasure Pavilion with your presence in this humble store! Please sit down and please drink some tea!

An old man with a face full of arrogance sat down without any hint of politeness. He didnt even give Shopkeeper Sun a single glance.

But Shopkeeper Sun was not angered in the least and personally poured tea for him. Fawning on him, he spoke up: Master Yan, may I ask the purpose of your visit, to buy materials perhaps? Or.

Only then did Master Yan speak: The purpose of this seniors visit is for an armament. I wish to sell it in the auction.

Sure enough!

On Shopkeeper Suns face, an expression of ecstasy was revealed!