Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 330

Chapter 330:second Rank Array Master 3
Chapter 330:Second Rank Array Master (3)

Other than Luo Jiyun who promised to be a guarantor, Mo Yi and the rest had promised as well.

As subordinates, although they trusted Li Moyings strength, they were still worried that he might be still get injured if he was careless for a second and they wouldnt be able to bear that responsibility.

Having an Array Master in the team would be an extra assurance.

In the end, Murong Ni was allowed to stay on but on the terms of her apologising to Huang Yueli and Luo Jiyun had to be her shadow to watch her every move.

Although Murong Ni was unwilling, she had no other choice as she stood in front of Huang Yueli as she deliberated for a long time before saying, Y. Young Sister Yue Li, ssorry, I wastoo impulsive earlier, pl..please forgive me.

By the time she had squeezed out the entire sentence, her entire face had turned a shade of crimson.

As a daughter of a large sects Patriarch, she never had to lower her head to outsiders. Not only was it just anyone, it was that hated fox demoness who stole Li Moying away!

Huang Yueli smiled at her but remained silent.

Murong Ni had thought that she had already given a lot of face to a waste by apologizing to her and Huang Yueli should feel flattered and in turn apologize to her instead.

But looking at the way things were, it seems that Huang Yueli was still hesitating and did not want to accept her apology?

Whawhats the meaning of this? Ive already apologized to you, didnt you hear it? Murong Ni couldnt help but cried out loudly in anger.

Huang Yueli beamed a bright smile at her. Arent you apologizing? Why are you still yelling so loudly at me? Dont you know that Im very weak? Im only at the qi profound realm, being yelled at by you could very well scare me out of my wits! If Ive been scared, your Senior Brother would be angry again!

You..! This fox demoness! Youre using Senior Brother as a shield!

Tsk tsk tsk, look herethere you go again after talking for a bit youre scolding people again. Such a feeble apology thats so insincere, how do you expect people to accept it?


Murong Ni was just about to yell back at her but after she heard her words, she had no choice but to calm herself.


She had to endure this little thing to not spoil the grand scheme, if Li Moying is angered now, she would definitely be tied up and sent back!

Murong Ni gnashed her teeth as she forced herself to apologize once more: I am sorry, I am very sincere in making good!

Huang Yueli shrugged her shoulders, Whether or not youre sincere, its just your mouth saying it, do you think that Ill believe you with a few mere words?

Murong Nis face turned redder with each passing moment, she couldnt wait to beat her up on the spot!

Huang Yueli was too lazy to bicker on with this precious noble lady from the large sect and nodded her head to Luo Jiyun. She then turned and walked over to help Mo Yi and the rest with the tents.

Having been completely ignored, Murong Ni was fuming with anger.

She had to take a few deep breaths to calm herself down finally managed to reign in the fire that was blazing within.

Forget it! The most important task at hand now was to stay!

As for this fox demoness.. She thought that she had the backing of Senior Brother then shed be fine?

Hmph, with such a low cultivation, venturing so deep into the Dark Moon Forest was akin to a sheep entering a wolfs lair.

She might not even make it out of the Dark moon Forest alive!

After cursing Huang Yueli viciously in her heart and glaring menacingly at Huang Yueli, Murong Ni turned and walked away.

Working together, three tents were quickly set up.

Luo Jiyun smiled delightedly, Its all done! The rest is all up to you Junior Sister!

Many Magical Beasts lurked at night here in the Dark moon Forest and a few tents were very eye catching and would definitely attract these Magical Beasts, therefore at this moment, it was time for the Array Master to shine.