Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 332

Chapter 332: Youre An Array Master As Well? 1
Chapter 332: Youre an Array Master As Well? (1)

Li Moyings gaze stopped at her lips that were now glossy, stained with traces of oil. His heart skipped a beat, ah, how much he wanted to go over and lick them clean.

However, he knew that the little fox would be angry so he could only endure it.

Murong Ni saw Li Moyings affectionate gaze and felt a little embarrassed.

Hah, eating so crudely and chewing off such a big piece of meat! Such uneducated and uncouth way of eating really shows your upbringing. Even sitting directly on this dirty stone, talking while eating, you really are from the countryside!

Murong Ni could not bear looking at Huang Yuelis casual manner of eating but she dared not say it out and could only scream out at her in her heart.

After she finished eating, Huang Yueli drank some water and wiped her mouth clean as she prepared to head back into the tent to continue with her cultivation.

But when her eyes casually swept the perimeter of the camp, she was stunned for a moment before her brows creased up.

All these around here.. this mess around the camp who did it?

She pointed to the various crystals that were arranged in different shapes at the edge of the campsite.

Murong Ni jumped in. What do you think you are calling a mess?! This is the array laid out by yours truly! A-r-r-a-y do you even understand? Oh wait, you are but from a small backwater kingdom so you must not have even seen one before. That is pretty common for you country bumpkins.

Huang Yueli raised her head and looked at her, Im from a backwater kingdom? Your Senior Brother came from the same kingdom as me, does that mean that he is also a country bumpkin ?

Murong Ni hesitated for a moment, as if a cat caught her tongue. After regaining back her calm, she said, Hah! Of course Senior Brother is different! You dont even know what an array looks like and you still dont want to admit that you are a country bumpkin?

Of course I know that this is an array. Oh, come to think about it, you claimed that you are an Array Master. This should be arranged by you.

Murong Ni lifted her chin smugly and proudly proclaimed, Yes, I am a Second Ranked Array Master! Thats why I can arrange such a complicated array! With these arrays, the surrounding Magical Beasts wont approach us!

She thought that once Huang Yueli heard that she was a Second Rank Array Master, she would be extremely shocked and would in turn kowtow and admire her.

Murong Ni waited to see her envious gaze looking at her.

Who knew, Huang Yueli only said in a barely discernible voice, Oh, it turns out only a second rank huh.. no wonder.

Although the tone of her speech was very calm, however whoever had ears could make out the undisguised disdain in her tone.

Not to mention the person in question. Murong Ni immediately flared up in anger.

Hey! What do you mean?! Do you even know what a Second Rank Array Master means?

Huang Yueli couldnt even be bothered to look back at her. Of course I know what it means. It means that you can only arrange second tier arrays. Its no wonder that this third tier array is simply riddled with holes. Its really terrible! Im beginning to doubt the authenticity of your claim, how did the Array Masters Guild even let you pass and gave you your accreditation?

What do you mean?! Murong Ni jumped in anger. As a Second Rank Array Master, I am able to lay a third tier Beast Diversion Array. This itself speaks of my strength. This shows that I am a rare genius! What would a country bumpkin like you know? I dont even think you know about the seven elements of the array and you still dare to turn your finger around and slander me?

Slander? Huang Yueli sneered, Based on this, you dare to even call it a Beast Diversion Array? I think its more like a Beast Magnet Array! Lets see you kill us all later, how fun would that be!

I will kill you all? If you dont know anything then shut up! This is pure defamation! Murong Ni was extremely infuriated.