Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 334

Chapter 334: Youre An Array Master As Well? 3
Chapter 334: Youre an Array Master As Well? (3)

With regards to her conviction, Huang Yueli definitely had something in her arsenal that made her so confident.

Everyone else who was present understood this, only Murong Ni who had been blinded by her jealousy did not allow Huang Yueli to finish her words.

Luo Jiyun asked, Sister-in-law, after hearing your words, you seem to be an expert in this field. Are you also an Array Master?

When Murong Ni heard his words, Murong Ni was stunned momentarily and raised her head.

Fifth Brother, what kind of joke is that? Thats really too hilarious!

Array Master? Her? Fifth Brother must have a problem with his brains. That fox demoness how could she be an Array Master? Shes just a country bumpkin and most probably this was the first array that she had seen in her entire life!

However Huang Yueli nodded casually and replied, Well, I guess I can be considered one.

As she spoke, the movements of her hands had not stopped and she was busy fixing the array.

Murong Ni froze for a moment before she left out a pfffft and started laughing out loud.

Do you even know what you are talking about? You, an Array Master? Moreover, theres a clear distinction, either one is one or one isnt. Whats this considered to be one? Theres no need to try to act mysterious to this extent?

Murong Ni scoffed at her disdainfully.

She was beaming widely, she felt elated that she had finally caught that fox demoness tail!

She had already known, how could her Senior Brother fancy this kind of country bumpkin? It turned out that she had been blatantly running her mouth off like that and had fooled him!

It was just right, today she had met a real Array Master, she had to tear that fake facade off!

Murong Ni was already gloating and smiled for a long time before she said, Yue Li, I know that you are jealous of my talent and cultivation, on top of that, I am also an Array Master. However, that doesnt give you the right to be so shameless and lie your way through. Do you seriously think that an Array Master arranges an array just by fiddling about a few crystals? There are various calculations involved, not only that, it involves careful planning that has many depths which has to abide by myriads of elemental laws. A strong mental fortitude is needed, definitely its not something that a country bumpkin like you who has some frivolous thoughts can understand!

Huang Yueli looked at her coldly, as if looking at a fool.

It turns out that you DO know that an array is not just simply arranging crystals to your whim, however, the array that youve laid out today shows that its been frivolously laid out.

Murong Ni blinked, she couldnt believe what she was hearing. I must say, your act is pretty realistic. Can you stop with all your nonsense? Its almost dark and when the Magical Beasts starts to roam at night, everyone would have been harmed by you!

Luo Jiyun hurriedly pulled Murong Ni back.

Cant you speak less?!

He ignored he protests of Murong Ni and politely asked Huang Yueli.

Sister-in-law, this Junior Brother here doesnt quite understand can you please advise why do you say that you can be considered an Array Master?

This statement did arouse the curiosity of many as it was quite strange. Its no wonder Luo Jiyun had brought it up as well.

In actual fact, she had not been recognised by the Array Masters Guild because her speciality wasnt in arrays but rather armaments!

However, in order to engrave arrays on her armaments, she had spent a lot of effort studying it. Her arduous passion had brought her quite ahead in this field, if she had went to get herself accredited, she would be at least a Rank Seven Array Master!

However, her main reason for studying the array was solely for her armaments, hence, it had never crossed her mind to get herself accredited. That was why she was modest and mentioned that she could be considered one, as she had never been to get herself accredited, so technically she wasnt really one. However, these couldnt be mentioned.