Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 335

Chapter 335: Youre An Array Master As Well? 4
Chapter 335: Youre an Array Master As Well? (4)

She avoided answering the entire truth, just divulging part of it: Its because Ive never gone to get my rank graded before.

Oh? So thats why.. Luo Jiyun wiped off the bead of cold sweat from his forehead.

When he heard her reply, he blushed a little.

Did his sister-in-law know how difficult was it to pass the exams to be recognised as an Array Master?

An Array Masters apprentice that hasnt been graded would never know the gap between himself and the real Array Master!

Murong Ni sneered immediately.

If youve not yet been graded, you still dare to say that you are an Array Master? I know, you must have arbitrarily read a few books about arrays and think that you are one already?

Luo Jiyun quickly held her back once again.

Even if he was a little shaken now, he would still not let Murong Ni go on so unbridled without any pleasantries at all. Even if he did not fully believe in his sister-in-law, he would still leave some face for her.

Hence, Luo Jiyun still humbly asked, Thatsister-in-lawafter looking at Junior Sisters array, can you kindly advise where the problem lies? Why would you say that it is not a Beast Diversion Array but a Beast Magnet Array instead?

Hearing his question, Murong Ni did not speak any further as she pricked her ears up, anticipating what bold words that fox demoness would exaggerate with.

She couldnt wait for her to catch her tail and shed turn the tides on her, exposing all her lies in front of everyone!

Huang Yueli replied indifferently, The main essence of an array is to use patterns to tap into the bountiful energies of heaven and earth to support it and according to the patterns of the array, these energies are drawn into it, thereby harnessing these streams energy as they seamlessly meld into the array. By placing crystals in the array, these boosts the effects and abilities, thats why both crystals and array patterns are all very important.

Isnt that all gibberish? Whichever book on arrays would have all these contents on the introduction page! Murong Ni couldnt hold in her snigger.

Huang Yueli ignored her completely and continued speaking.

Some less diligent low levelled Array Masters have a misconception and think that the crystals and materials are the most important. They presume that the higher ranked materials and crystals, the better. However, the truth is contrary to that belief, theres one notion that they had missed out. No matter what, the materials and crystals must never exceed the rank of the Array Master nor exceed the main nature of the array, or else. Not only would it be unable to release its efficiency to its fullest, sometimes, it may even backfire on them and create an opposite effect!

Hahaha, how interesting, dont tell me you are saying that the lower the grade of the crystals, the higher the efficiency of the array is? Where did you even hear about such a hilarious theory? If thats the case, we just need to use tier one crystals to lay the entire array and itll be super powerful, right?

Murong Ni was taunting her with glee.

Huang Yueli only smiled back, she didnt want to waste her breath on such a foolish girl.

Luo Jiyun listened with interest and he heard her underlying profoundness in her speech. Sister-in-law, you mean that. Erm its very deep, I am not able to understand it very well.

Huang Yueli laughed and explained further, Alright, then I shall use the so-called Beast Diversion Array that Miss Murong here claimed, as an example!

She waved her hand, drawing their attention as she pointed to the remaining array that had not been touched.

This Beast Diversion Array is a second tier array. It is one of the most common arrays that most array books would have in them and it is also the most used array around. If Miss Murong had been diligent and followed the book closely, using second tiered materials and crystals to lay it out, it definitely would be able to do what its supposed to do and protect us well by hiding our breaths. But who knewour Miss Murong here likes to think that she is especially clever.

Who do you think you are? What are you implying? Murong Ni hopped in anger as she yelled out.