Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 336

Chapter 336: Youre An Array Master As Well? 5
Chapter 336: Youre an Array Master As Well? (5)

Huang Yueli did not hold back and directly said, I am talking about you!

Can you explain why do you not follow the books which had been clearly written in black and white? Why do you insist on using third tier crystals and materials to replace the original stated materials?

It seems like youve really read a few books!

Murong Ni sneered and said, But whats the use of just reading? You need practical experience as well! A real array needs to depend on the situation. Those Beast diversion Arrays that are written in the books are only tier two and can only work against those Magical Beasts that are ranked second tier and below. With my ingenious array laid out using tier three materials, its able to enhance its effects and work against Third Tier Magical Beasts! This is called changing according to the situation, one has to be pragmatic and flexible, do you understand? But then again, I dont think you do!

Huang Yueli laughed out loud, I really have no idea how does an ignorant fools brain work!

WhWhat did you say?!

Huang Yueli scoffed, Ignorant fool! Whats worse, one that even likes to act smart! Whoever told you that if the materials are higher a grade, its enhancement would also increase by a tier?

Lets put it another way. A Beast Diversion Array is a tier two array because it uses tier two materials and crystals and hence it can draw out the maximum efficiency! It is because, if you use a higher grade material, it would draw in more Heaven and Earth Profound Qi and this would in turn easily draw the attention of those Magical Beasts whose five sense are very sensitive. This way, this defeats the purpose of concealment of the array itself. Using third tier materials already exceeds the limit of the array and it would arouse the attention of the Magical Beasts, attracting them to come and snatch the crystals to absorb the energy! That is why, this array is not only not a Beast Diversion Array, it might bring misfortune and attract even stronger beasts over!

When they heard her words, Luo Jiyun and the other guards fell into deep contemplation.

Only Murong Ni, who seemed like a cat who had stepped on its own tail, retorted back in anger, What nonsense are you sprouting again? A mere wannabe who hasnt even attained any accreditation from the Array Masters Guild dare to run your mouth off like this against a Second Rank Array Master? Let me tell you, the arrays that Ive laid out never had any problems before!

Huang Yueli shrugged, Well, if you dont believe me then forget it! No matter what, theres no way I will sleep within the compounds of such a dangerous array! Since you like to stay here and wait for the Magical Beasts to attack you, please go ahead! I wont be accompanying you!

A glint of joy flashed by Murong Nis eyes as she laughed.

Thats just perfect! You dont have to sleep in it, anyway, I dont like you staying within the array I laid out! Please move out and stay out! When the Magical Beasts come and attack you, you cant blame anyone else since you asked for it!

Murong Ni felt that when that damn girl heard these words, she would be afraid and immediately apologise to her and even beg her to let her stay.

No matter what, Dark Moon Forest at night was fraught with dangers and with such a weak cultivation and had no protection of any arrays, she wouldnt be able to live to see the sunrise the very next day!

As long as anyone with a sound mind would understand that if they were to continue to put up a false bravado, they might even lose their little life!

However, Murong Ni had stared at Huang Yueli for a long time, yet that girl only smiled happily and nodded her head in agreement.

Very good! My thoughts exactly! Ill sleep in my area, you sleep in yours, we have nothing to do with each other. If Magical Beasts attack later at night, no one is to seek help from each other!

Murong Ni sneered, Agreed! Dont regret it!

This fox demoness was really seeking death!

That was just great, she was initially still worried that she had no way to get rid of this pest but who knew, she had went on her own accord on the path towards death!